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Roadstars tour with Bad Touch/Broken Witt Rebels @ 02 ABC, Glasgow

Roadstars have done it again with this brilliant co headliner of Bad Touch and Broken Witt Rebels. These are two of the best upcoming band in the UK and putting them together was a slice of genius and sheer joy for those who attended.

The openers tonight were Bad Touch which ties in perfectly for me as I have only ever seen them open proceedings in the past, it is kind of a comfortable place for me to see them. Support or not I have seen them give headliners a serious run for their money every time. The one good thing about tonight is no matter where they were playing they got a full hour set. This was a long overdue occurence as every other time you are just getting into the band and they are finished. I was hoping for a bit more time on the setlist tonight but maybe I am just being greedy.

I was avidly waiting to see what they would play with the full hour and straight off the bat they burst into “Good On Me” which has been missing of late. Its a great but slightly stupid song and the perfect way to start proceedings. That song may be about jeans but that was not the topic of conversation tonight…oh no, tonight it is all about Singer Stevie Westwood’s shirt. Now we know Stevie loves his bright and garish shirts but I have never seen one cause such controversy as one rather intoxicated man tells Stevie rather loudly “I love your shirt”..and this was all the Glasgow crowd needed as we ended up having verbal battles all night and it looks like we may see rather loud Bad Touch shirt merchandise very shortly.

But lets leave all the hilarity behind and focus on just how good a live band they are and like they had a point to prove they strolled straight into what I would class as the best tracks they have written in “Heartbreaker, Soulshaker”. This song is from the band’s last release “Truth Be Told” and it should be in everybody’s collection. This song sounded absolutely huge on that stage.

There is one big difference in tonights set from previous shows and that is new boy Harry “clean and tidy and awfully smily” Slater. I was desperate to see what the new addition would bring to the band and boy, what a difference, he rounds off the whole band and gives them a huge sound. He had me won over as soon as we got the slide guitar intro on “Wise Water”. This youngster can play people. It also let Seeks strut around that stage blowing us away with bourbon drenched, bluesy riffs.

The band grooved through an incredible set with the highlight for me and everyone else present was the mash up of “My Mother Told Me and “Hard Too Handle” which was sublime. I have not seen or heard such a good rendition since Black Crowes.

As always Bad Touch Blew me away and they show you the talent that we have in the UK. I predict that this band will take off in a big way very soon. They also announced that they will be support on the upcoming King King UK tour, another amazing double bill right there. If you have failed to catch this band live make sure you get out there and take in a band on their way to much bigger things.

That leaves headliners Broken Witt Rebels to take top spot for the evening. A position they take on with ease. This band should be headlining every tour they are on as they are a different class. I have seen the boys a few times live now and each time they get imbedded deeper into my soul. Their music takes you on a journey, their bluesy, souled out songs hit you straight between the eyes and sit in your heart.

They kick of the set with “Low” which for me cannot be beaten so what an impact straight from the off. Those dirty, distorted guitars come at you and then Danny Care verbally swaggers to your ears like a drunken and stoned powerhouse with a baseball bat to beat you into submission.

We also witnessed a brand new thing tonight, the crowd decided mosh pits are too outdated so we were going to have a dance pit and I hope this is here to stay…maybe for the entertainment factor as it looked like Danny had been giving dance lessons.

As the band rolled through old, classic and some new tracks you get the feeling this band are knocking on stardoms door. They have a completely different take on Southern music, they twist and refine the sound, they add a dollop of blues, a huge chunk of soul and sneakily squeeze in just enough jazz to give them a feeling of never having heard anything quite like them before.

These days Danny is stepping away more and more from the guitar to focus on his singing and each time I see BWR they just get better. They have songs to cover your every mood, From “Snake Eyes” to “Turn Me On” there is something for everyone.

Of the new songs on display tonight “Carolina” stood head and shoulder above everything else and this may well be my new favourite. The boys say they have enough new material for two albums and I really do hope we get a release this year as that will propel them to new heights. This bad deserves the biggest stages and a fanbase to equal the best bands out there. Mark my words this band will be massive, both bands tonight will be and I will be one of the lucky ones who will say I was at the Roadstars tour, the one where they both played together just before they exploded.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Bad Touch BWR

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