Bonafide/ Tequila Mockingbyrd @ 02, ABC, Glasgow Mar14


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Bonafide/ Tequila Mockingbyrd @ 02, ABC, Glasgow


Bonafide/ Tequila Mockingbyrd @ 02, ABC, Glasgow

Sweedish rockers Bonafide stroll into Glasgow on the first date of their Flames tour and I have a horrible confession to make…the guys have been at this for over 10 years and I have never seen them live, I know, I hold my head in shame but if you want to know the thoughts of this virgin read on.

Before we get to the headline act there is no small matter of the Aussie refugees in Tequila Mockingbryd. After leaving Oz and settling in the UK things definitely seem to be on the up for these girls. I caught them last year on the incredible Aussie Wrecking Crew tour and they instantly blew me away so there was no way I was missing this one.

Unfortunately the three were down to two as Jess Reilly could not make this tour but a serious nod of the head to replacement Keira Kenworthy who had two weeks to learn the tracks and only one rehearsal the day before. She slotted in with ease and even managed some backing vocals.

The bands sound is a hard one to tie down with rock/blues and even a big dollop of punk…stirred together with alcohol and a heap of attitude. Basically all you need to know is they kick ass on a stage. They opened with “Money Tree” and straight from the off drummer Josie O’Toole is going for it hell bent for leather, she is like a Tasmanian devils strapped to that kit and she lets us know after a few songs she is whacked as she has not played a full set for a couple of months…well god help us when she gets back to her best.

The girls are promoting their soon to be released debut album of “Fight And Flight” and the songs on show tonight were extremely strong. So much so that the copies the band did have for sale tonight sold out well before Bonafide were even near the stage. The ladies get a good amount of time tonight and fly through their alcohol and attitude dripped songs with highlights in “I smell Rock’N’Roll”, “Good Time” and “Jagerbomb” which gets renamed to the Scottish equivalent of Fannybomb(same base drink but with Irn Bru) and the band have embraced the Scottish culture as their later post on facebook showed them trying out a deep fried mars bar(really? I have lived here all my life and avoided that one).

The brilliant thing is the Glasgow crowd took them straight to their heart, their straight forward rocking went down a treat and they are ones to keep your eyes out for. They are a hard working group desperate to make a name for themselves and the material from their debut will surely help with this. Tie it in with them looking to tour the length of the country constantly I see a great future and I look forward to seeing them again at Wildfire festival in June.

Now to my shame, how I have never seen Bonafide before I have no idea. It took about one minute of opening number “Back In Flames” for me to think how the hell have I missed these guys before. They are a real old school band and full of talent and great songs. Think AC/DC when they actually wrote good music.

If there is a band out there better at great rock tracks so steeped in fun and enjoyment I am not aware of them. The closest you can get is Airbourne who the band will always be linked too. For me having seen Airbourne many times my money would be paid out for Bonafide first time, every time. Their 10 years in this business shows in all of the band members with Martin Ekelund on bass forgetting he is actually a bass player, this man could be a front man in a heartbeat the way he owns that stage, flicks those picks and screams into the mic.

This set was crammed with top drawer tunes and gets the crowd so worked up we even have some bare chested guys in the audience and as much as it wasn’t a pretty sight he was wearing a Britany Fox T-shirt beforehand so I can live with the beer belly any day of the week.

As a newbie I fell in love with this blues based rock band and I was won over with the power, the talent and the sheer joy from the off but songs like “ 50/50”, “Rag And Bone Man” and “Peg Legged Pete” just stole the show from the main set for me. I was down the front pumping my fist and shouting like a maniac.

The best was left till last though with “ Fill Your Head With Rock”, the crowd went batshit crazy, they sang till the rafters were shaking and I have to ask myself if there is anything else legal that you can do and have this much fun I have no idea what it is. I am converted to the alter of Bonafide and I prey they come back soon so I can repent my sins.

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Bonafide/ Tequila Mockingbyrd @ 02, ABC, Glasgow

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