Cutlass – EP Review Mar14


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Cutlass – EP Review


Cutlass – EP Review

From the moment you put on Cutlass, it will rip through your speakers with its grungy doom sound and with vocalist Lucy Grogan’s dark and wicked siren song, it will blast you to smithereens.

The EP starts with Death Bell which is dark and gloomy, and Lucy’s vocals are snarling and enthralling; with the same vibe continuing onto the second track Witch Bitch. It takes on a Skindred type slant in this track, with the vocals breaking into a fast spoken word piece as the instruments thunder on in harmony with them. Lucy reaches dizzying heights with the vocals half way through the track, with the grungy snarl reinstated in the second half of the track.

Get Out starts with a distorted, almost galactic beat before the grungy notes hit once again, and Lucy’s vocals once again hit some vicious notes between snarls and screams. Heaven Knows takes on a more upbeat slant, although the grunge vein is still definitely there. It is my favourite track, feeling truly resolved and the band really coming into their own; falling into a nicely comfortable pace. It has some Arabic influence towards the end, turning the track into a delightfully variable feast for the listener’s ears.

Black Dog starts in a similar method to Get Out and returns to the dark grunge sound that Cutlass are staking their claim in. Lucy’s vocals are like the call of a siren once again, and it haunts you as it also hammers the beat into your skull.

The whole EP shows distinct promise for this new band on the block, with their unique style and alluring noted never failing to draw the listener in. It will be very intriguing to see where they go next, and to see what the band can achieve.

Niki Flynn

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