Devilskin @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow Mar21


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Devilskin @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow


Devilskin @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

Scotland has had to wait a long time for this one, as the rest of the UK enjoyed the bands last tour Glasgow only managed to see about 4 songs due to vocalist Jennie being seriously ill and having to leave the stage in Glasgow and cancel the show in Edinburgh. It was a tough one for me but when you saw the look on the bands face those nights you knew just how gutted they were and they brought that frustration with them and delivered an unbelievable show that left most of the punters speechless.

If tonight was about anything it was about energy and not just the headliners as every band on this bill played their part. Unfortunately due to the early start I missed local horror rockers Splintered Halo which I wasn’t too happy about as I love this bands quirkiness. Try to imagine Rob Zombie in a pair of red sparkly shoes. Yes, this band are so different, what they do should not work but as a live entity you will probably not encounter more entertainment in such a short space of time. Sorry folks, I will catch you next time.

I arrived well into Eva Plays Dead’s set and the show was in full swing as were the audience. You could feel the electricity emanate from the band on stage, so much so Tiggy Dee cannot stay within the confines of the stage and takes to the floor and looks to start a mosh pit that she is happy to enter and she holds her own in there.

This sums up the band, they are fast, furious and just a little bit dangerous. Put that with some of the hugest riffs you have ever heard that come blaring at you and you are in for a hell of a show. They are non stop and right in your face and they finish the whole thing by bringing the drum kit into the crowd and drummer Seb Boyse is let loose as Tiggy incites the room to start a revolution.

This band are a huge slice of fun with some awesome rocking songs. Definitely catch them if you can.

Last support of the night comes from Sumo Cyco and if like me you have seen them live before you know just what to expect. These Canadian punk rockers have a brand of chaos all of their own. If Cyco city is like this all the time I want a one way ticket as they have the energy of the Duracell bunny on speed, the talent of the best 70s punk bands and the entertainment factor of the top 10 rated movies on rotten tomatoes. You just cannot go wrong with them.

As they fire through their high octane show vocalist Skye leaves the stage and like Mel Gibson in Braveheart “she is going to pick a fight” and with the whole venue. Now I know the woman likes to wander around but I would not be surprised if it was a bit earlier tonight as most of the front row had mobile phones inches from her face, how she kept her cool I have no idea.

Skye and her monitor mic went through the crowd, she stopped, she got everyone jumping about like mad before heading to the bar, climbing up(whilst knocking a host of drinks over) and proceeded to party from there. This was to be the way the remainder of the set was to be as she was off stage as much as on it. Devilskin chose well with this band as everyone was pumped up beyond belief by the time they finished.

After a hugely successful tour back home in New Zealand Devilskin brought their “Be Like The River” tour to Europe after walking away with another number 1 slot on the New Zealand charts. If you have heard this album I do not need to tell you anything but if you haven’t get your ass in gear and get that shit sorted now as I can guarantee you are in for a hell of a surprise. I honestly didn’t believe this band could top their debut “We Rise” but I was so wrong it is embarrasing( I know, I am meant to be good at this?).

Tonight the band kick off with new track “In Black” which is basically a tip of the hat to the fans and as I watch in awe my mind wonders a bit. I am often asked why I do this, I mean there is no money, its a lot of hard work and it takes up a lot of your time. Usually my bog standard answer is for the love of the music which is very true but tonight it really hit me why I do what I do. As I watched Devilskin tear that hall apart I took in my surroundings and I saw face after face of friends I had introduced to this band. There were a good amount of people I had harassed, sent videos, told them how amazing they were and as I looked at the sheer joy on each face it all clicked. There is nothing better for me than to spread the news of a band you fell in love with on the very first listen. Those very same friends will tell you how much I rave about this band and for me they are the best new band in the last five years, and maybe even a decade. In fact not one person I have told to check out this band has never agreed with me.

So from the above you can bet your ass this is going to be a biased review. It was incredible watching Jennie in full swing, the power that woman has in her voice is hard to comprehend and she can switch from melodic to guttural in an instant. As much as Jennie is the focus point in the songs and presence these tracks are made on the instruments. The bearded brothers from another mother in Nail Vincent and Paul Martin drive that powerful sound that gives Jennie the platform to rip your fucking head off. Not to be forgotten is the no longer baby of the band(yes, there is a real one now!) Nic Martin who just annihilates his kit, the power of his drumming will batter your chest even at the back of the hall.

The set list is full to bursting with powerhouse anthems and with songs like “Start A Revolution”, the incredible “Elvis Presley Circle Pit”, “Mountains” and new fan favourite “Voices” I believe we will be looking back in a decade saying these are classics. The only tiny thing I could even complain about tonight was the exclusion of “Closer”. C’mon, everyone loves a ballad and this would give even more weight if followed up by sheer brutality.

This band may be massive back home but things are finally happening for them abroad and this years inclusion at Download is just another step to world domination for these four. I hope that Andy Copping watches their set as he is known to moan about the lack of future headliners…well they are here I can assure you and they are going to blow download away(and hopefully the usual rain clouds too).

The surprise of the set tonight is a cover version of Hearts “Barracuda” and as much as it got the older generation here tonight paying serious attention and as much as it was a stunning rendition it could not outshine any of their own songs on display and that is a hell of a compliment as I love Heart and that song in particular.

I could write all night about this band but I need to move onto another review but take it from me this band write powerful,beautiful and brutal songs and they carry them off live like Godzilla ripping Japan apart. Everyone here tonight knew exactly what they had witnessed, a band in their prime and ready to take on the world.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie.

Devilskin @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

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