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EP Review: Acid Wolf – Acid Wolf


EP Review: Acid Wolf – Acid Wolf

Review Craig Grant: Acid Wolf are a five piece stoner\sludge rock band from South Australia. Hold on. I know these people! Acid Wolf used to be Thirteen Black, a band that we had seen a few times and reviewed when they supported NuMetal maestros Superheist. This was a band that took power chords to a seismic level and you didn’t need your mates to tell you that they had hit the stage because you could watch your pint vibrate across the bar. Their music was down-tuned, thick and unrelenting stoner.

In a recent interview with Adelaide WOW FM the band decided that the name Thirteen Black didn’t reflect the sound that they had developed so went through a process of choosing a new name. I was sure that I had heard Acid Wolf somewhere before but we have Acid everything-else so the name stuck. Wasting no time to get amongst it the band have released their self-titled EP, which at thirty-odd minutes long is an album to other bands.

So the whacked out artwork screams that this is going to be a trip of some sort. The band has obviously done this live as a unit and then had the vocals performed over the top so the sound is both raw and vibrant. There is that feeling that its three tries then onto tape.

The opening track, ‘Cloud Chaser’ is a corker of a track, with the hum of the amplifiers underpinning some filthy guitar and the bass punching this track along down in the pits of hell somewhere. There’s a touch of Kyuss in there, little bit of Clutch (but they are probably too upbeat compared to this) and a smattering of old Red Fang. Great solo break in the middle and a perfect track to open the EP and set up shop as Acid Wolf.

Skipping through the EP we get to, ‘Blood Eagle’, which is so ponderous it makes the first song sound like disco. This is a lumbering track, like carrying a heavy weight through the sludge, sounding like the swamp metal pushed out by our good mates Black Tusk. Again a great track and you get this impression of the band staring each other down in the rehearsal room trying to work out if we are going to close this down or break into another riff.

Stand out track is, ‘Sandpiper’, which is so upbeat that its one for those peeps twenty rows back at the gig, who shoe-gazes while tapping their feet together, their head slowly bobbing to the organ-rearranging bass line. This one is positively racing along at the end and it sounds like the band has hit its groove. Excellent track and it’s the one that stands out on the EP. Nice work. Closing out the EP we have, ’White Raven’, which starts with some really clean vocals and somehow goes through a metamorphosis that ends up with the vocals being consumed by the amps. All finishing in fuzz and feedback. Living next door to this band must be a joy.

Given the time and effort that these guys have put into this a few dollars isn’t a lot to sample some new music and get behind a band that is keeping the sludge dream going. Whacked out, fuzzed out and a wall of feedback; what’s not to like? You can get your hands on this EP by following this link.

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