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From Eden to Exile – Volatile


From Eden to Exile – Volatile

From Eden to Exile are newcomers on the block of the British metal scene, but have already reached the prodigious heights of playing the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2015.

Volatile is the brutal new single from their upcoming debut album ‘Modern Disdain’, released via Attic Records/PHD on June 2nd. Recorded and produced by Neil Hudson – with talent like Gutworm and Krysthla already under his wing – in Wellingborough near FETE’s home of Northampton; the album is born and bred in the UK, the band affirming themselves solidly in the renowned British metal scene.

The track starts heavy and fast, the brutal vocals snarling into play barely ten seconds in. The melodies are tight and the vocals blend with the instrumentation with razor precision; and the vocals are also very good in the fact you can understand them and truly enjoy them.

There is a nice off-kilter filler about two minutes in before the onslaught starts again, and delivers the goods over and over. The track is pure dynamite, and it delivers all the way through, liquidising the listener’s brain like a sledgehammer to the skull with such the impact that it has.

It is a really decent metal track, and producer Neil Hudson is entirely right with his prediction – From Eden To Exile really are going to make waves with this album, it truly is a monster of a release and I am looking forward to seeing the tsunami hit from the waves they will create. As the lyrics say, ‘ You can’t escape from me’, and Hell, are they right with that statement. I am truly looking forward to the full album release, and maybe catching a live show once they are in the south – I feel they are not ones that are to be missed.

Niki Flynn

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