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Mt. Wolf – Electric


Mt. Wolf – Electric

Electric is the new single release coming from London-based Mt. Wolf. They released a comeback EP and single last year, and this year they have been writing again; recording with Ken Thomas of Sigur Ros, M83 and Daughter, for their forthcoming album in summer.

The track opens with a climatic intro, which would not be out of place in the soundtrack of a galactic blockbuster, before the other-worldly vocals kick in. It builds further into a manic, chaotic chorus with the soft vocals still overlaid on the frantic instrumentation, taking the listener on a journey into an enchanted land.

The instrumentation is flawless but relentless, hammering into the listener with wave after wave of enthralling music to set them into a trance.

At 6:25, it is a long piece of music but not once does it suffer for it, embarking you on a mission as you wander through the wilderness of calm but familiarity.

The tracks ends in a climatic hubbub, awaking you from your trance, feeling as though you have just lost six minutes in another world.

This is a fantastic piece of music, and it will be intriguing to see what Mt. Wolf do with the rest of the album, whether they can reach the dizzying heights of excellence they have managed with this track.

Niki Flynn

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