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Broken Wit Rebels interview with Danny Core


Broken Wit Rebels interview with Danny Core

Hi Danny, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

No, thank you for your support

Before we get onto your upcoming Roadstars tour there is no little matter of your support slot on the King King tour. Up here in Scotland we class them as one of our own and Alan and the boys are good friends. How is that tour going and how are you getting on with the boys?

The tour is going great, we have learned so much from the guys.We have always admired their music and individually they are a funny bunch of lads. I could not say one bad word about them and music wise you cannot fault them.

You have now done a lot of support tours with some varied bands, I last saw you do Joanne Shaw Taylor and Whiskey Myers, 2 totally different bands who I suspect a lot of their fans had not heard you before. What was the overall feeling you received from those shows?

We have done a lot of support slots in the last three month but before that we really had very few but recently we have done Whiskey Myers which kind of touched on our southern links and Joanne is similar to King King so it is great to play to new fans who could appreciate our sound. It is great to get involved with bands like this and we are looking to work with Whiskey Myers again in the future.

I have obviously seen you guys at Glasgow shows and you do bring a lot of your own fans to each one, there seems to be a lot of love for you up here and that seems to be reflected by the band…for you what is the connection with Scotland?

We just prefer it, we believe it is the place to play for us. Everytime we have played the fans take to us immediately. We do not need to get them to warm to us. For me it is probably my favourite place to play. We do love playing there, the people are very warm and supportive. It seems to be the further North we play the better it gets. Sheffield is also a great place for us to play. We also have to make a mention of the munchie boxes( please note this is not a healthy option for eating but it is part and parcel of a Glasgow night out). We make sure we have one of these every time we play….and Irn Bru.

Ok, onto the Roadstars tour now, after doing so many support shows how does it feel to be bringing a full headline show to the UK?

It is great but we would like a bigger push on this. It is good to finally get the full headline show but to be fair we still are not sure how long we will get to play, that has still to be confirmed but the fans keep telling us they want a full set and we have so much material now that people have not heard it will be good to get those songs out there. It is difficult doing short sets and we wont be happy if we get less than an hour.

I have been a massive fan of Bad Touch for some time, I realise you are both now on the same roster for a PR company but did you know the guys beforehand?

No, we hadn’t met but we crossed paths at Stone Free last year, we said hello and compared mustaches. We have checked them out since the announcement and are really looking forward to the tour with them.

You will obviously need to totally amend your set list for this tour…is that an easy thing to do and can we expect any surprises?

Yes, the one thing we have been doing in-between touring is writing and we have plenty of new stuff to play which we will mix with the classics and some older stuff we haven’t played for some time. There will be light and shade, not all balls to the wall. Some nice stripped back stuff testing my voice. It will be good to relax and not be trying to win people over with a crash bang set.

We are now getting a lot of festival announcements, can we expect to see you guys being added to any?

Well we are added to Ramblin Man, Steelhouse, Wildfire Festival, Camden Rocks and some that we are just awaiting the green light for so it is going to be a busy summer for us.

Regarding Wildfire I know you have not played before but I know you are going to love it. It is an amazing little festival in such beautiful surroundings. It is very family orientated(you can even bring your dogs)…your fans should definitely make the journey.

We are really looking forward to playing there and I hear the pizzas are good(please note this was punted by Ritchie as he knows the guy).

Georgia Pine has now been out for a while, is there any plans for some new music and maybe a full length album?

Yes, we are so ready to go with an album but there has been some management issues and some red lights to getting this out, we now have enough material for two albums but we are hashing out things with labels etc, we cannot say too much but we want to release this year as it is ready to go. We want to move on as we have released three self released EPs but we need to change and try something else and things seem to be finally dropping into place.

Lets face it this is our full time job so we need this, touring and merchandise keeps us afloat but you always need new material out there.

I really cannot lets this pass without asking how you guys managed to settle on your sound. It is not something you would expect to hear from a band based in Birmingham with some celtic roots. How did it come about?

We have a big appreciation for 70s sounds, I like soul, the boys love the Stones but musically we are very old school, I don’t know but we all know how each other sounds and this just works. We take influence from any instrument, a song can start from the bass or the drums and them we instantly get into a vibe and it knocks out. We never really think about it…it just happens.

I also have to ask about your voice, I did write a review from the Whiskey Myers tour where I said you could hear a mass thud of all the ladies panties falling off….when did you start singing and when did you realise it was something you wanted to do full time?

Ha ha ha, thanks for that, I am constantly learning, it is still new and I am growing in confidence. It is only about 5 years ago I really started singing as I would see myself as a guitarist, from that people complimented me and my confidence grew to the point I felt I could actually be a singer. I am focusing on it more as I put the guitar down more and more but I believe I am nowhere near the finished article and I have far more to learn.

Oh, then there is the dancing!!

Yeah, that is a bit dodgy isn’t it, I just get lost in the moment and sometimes I watch back videos and I think what a wally, I just immerse myself whether it is rehearsal or live…but it will never be Backstreet Boys.

Well thank you for your time and good luck with the Roadstars tour. I am sure it will be a massive success for both bands and I will be front and centre in Glasgow.

Thank you so much for your support and reviews and we can catch up on tour.

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