Bigfoot @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow Apr18


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Bigfoot @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow


Bigfoot @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

Shock City Productions do it again, 3 cracking bands for a tenner meant that in a busy night for gigs in Glasgow this was definitely the best value for your money by a long shot.

The night kicked off with local boys Anchor Lane who are probably the busiest band in Glasgow at the moment. They have been racking up the home town gigs and unlike the first time I saw them live they are now well known to the regular gig goers present tonight.

Each gig sees this already tight unit impress me more and their confidence is growing in leaps and bounds. They burst into “ Twenty Sixteen” which is one of the strongest tracks from their recently released debut “New Beginning”. If you have not heard it get over to their facebook page and splash out a measly £5.

The measure of the bands confidence is there for all to see as front man Conor Gaffney asks for the crowd to join in singing duties on “Cog In The Wheel”. This was the song that I remember clearly from the first time I saw them live so two songs down and both crackers and although the band have very little material out it does not hamper the show as every track they play is a top drawer rocker.

Tonight we get to hear a new track the boys had only been messing around with earlier the same week and it slots in beautifully…it keeps to their southern dipped riffs, which is exactly where they finish off the set with in “Finished By Twelve”…a beast of a song which has the place jumping and after it finished sent us all to the bar for a rum and coke(mmmmm, subliminal messaging at it’s best”.

Next up was Doomsday Outlaws and this band was a new experience for me and after that set I would have paid the entry price to see them alone. As the band took to the stage with a certain Mr Cash intro I would never have been able to place the style of music I was about to hear, especially when vocalist Phil trundles onto the stage. My first thought was what is the cleaner doing on here and then when he grabbed the mic I thought wait a minute, this aint no place for a Stone Roses tribute act but when he opened his mouth WOW, what a voice and what a sound.

I would also never have placed this band as being British for one minute. They have a deep south sound that was born and bred in the swamps. “Tale Of a broken Man” just knocked me on my back, with its slow bluesy start and seriously powerful vocals which broke into a complete ass kicker. Sludgy, deep riffs that kept the vibe and swagger for the full set.

The band had a pretty short set and with two albums of brilliant songs to choose from the set list must have been difficult to pick. For me who was new to the band every track was perfect, songs like title track “Suffer More” were seriously impressive, they wrap a real rocker in blues guitar with ease.

Fallback” took the pace right to the roof and let rip with dual guitars and they left the stage with cowbells, sleazy riffs and shots of bourbon in “Bring me pain. I was truly won over and I will be keeping my eyes and ears wide open for all that this band do in the future.

There was no doubt who the headliners were tonight, you just had to look at the amount of neon green and black t-shirts on show. Bigfoot were back in good old Glesga town. These boys are no strangers to Scotland with a string of shows recently and to add to that they just announced for Winterstorm Festival and support for Black Spiders final tour…looks like we are going to get our fill of Bigfoot, just as well they kick serious ass.

The crowd were suitably warmed up with the support tonight but I suspect they would have been ready for this one with just five minutes notice. The band have just finished their debut album so we got a few new tracks tonight which slotted in easily with their high octane brand of chug rock???

For me they take all the best parts of my beloved hair metal bands, they lean heavily on the blues side with songs like “Come Down My Way” but they mix it up and have some full out rockers like “Bitch Killer” and hey, if we are talking hair metal we need a ballad and in “ Too little Time” you are not going to get much better.

The main thing about this band is their pure entertainment factor, you will have a smile on your face the whole evening and you will be swaying and pumping those fists. For a band with only two EPs out at this point they are far too damned tight to believe. This sounds like a band coming up to a ten year anniversary. They know each other inside out on that stage and if you have not heard them before and want a little taster check out “Blame It on The dog”, it oozes some Diamond Dave Lee Roth with its humour and who on this planet does not like screaming “It Smells Like shit” at the top of their voice?

This band demands more recognition and hopefully the debut album will go some way to helping out there but with the amount of gigs they do and with fans spreading the word far and wide hopefully they will have people paying attention and soon.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie



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