Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate @ Audio, Glasgow Apr05


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Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate @ Audio, Glasgow


Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate @ Audio, Glasgow

It has been a while since Jizzy Pearl has played Glasgow due to all manner of reasons with tonight’s bass player stealing them away to Edinburgh every tour(no hard feelings, honest…grrrrr). For that reason alone this one was pencilled in my diary as soon as it was confirmed. It has been far too long since I have seen the Stoopdist band(man) in the world, yes, I have been looking forward to this one.

It seems that the venue tonight is a time machine, Love/Hate go way back in my history but the support is a little slice of KOK(sorry, I just could not resist that one). Knock Out Kaine were the perfect band to do this tour. They may not stretch back to the 90s but their brand of music will take you back to those hey days of MTV, parties, passing out at (one day)festivals, throwing up just so you could drink some more and rocking the fuck out.

This was my first taste of(no…I cannot do the KOK joke again…or can I?) knock Out Kaine and I was thoroughly impressed. This band sit right in one of my favourite decades and let rip songs that remind you of Crue, Guns’N’Roses, LA Guns ,Van Halen and a good chunk of the headliners too. They are old school, they like to drink, they like being that arsehole in the corner of a party, the one who is as loud as hell and who you know you will speak to for a good laugh.

The songs might have a lot of fun wrapped up in them like “Boxes” which just oozes of Ugly Kid Joe but they are as catchy as an STD in a whorehouse. They do leave all the fun for a bit later in the set as they open with an absolute corker of a song in “ 16 Gramms Of Heart Attack”. This won myself and the crowd tonight over instantly.

The set was full of a smorgasbord of genres and dirty jokes so it was a good night as far as I am concerned. I will be looking out for these guys in the future and so should you…if you want an upbeat, entertaining night look no further but do yourself a favour and grab some of their music now as the available album and EP are tremendous, I bought them on the night and I cannot stop playing them.

As I was awaiting the headliners take to the stage I was running through all the times I have seen Love/Hate. My first time was back in 1991 in king Tuts Wah Wah Hut, a gig that was to go down in history as the floor collapsed . It is kind of mythology in Glasgow, some believe it is made up or exaggerated but I can assure you that floor dropped half a foot and within seconds I was on the same stage as Jizzy and the boys. The venue was packed and to be fair probably illegally as there was no room to move but it was one hell of a show.

From there I would travel anywhere to see this band, I never missed one tour and more often than not I would take in more than 1 gig per tour so as I stood here my main worry was would Jizzy still have what it takes? As he walked out on that stage with the Budwiser cross and burst into “Wasted In America” it was crystal clear he had it and more. Of Course this tour was to celebrate 25 years of that album, an album that was always overshadowed by the debut but when you listen to it nowadays as I had for the week prior you realise just how crammed with brilliant songs it is. There were many issues around the album when it was released but mostly through label direction and choices but for me the killer blow was the fact that “Blackout In The Red Room” was such a brilliant album. I do not think the band even given 5 years could ever have topped that. It is still firmly on my playlist and sounds just as good now as it did then. It captured everything about the era for me.

And since we are talking about the past and all the days from then till now I have to ask the question how on Earth does Jizzy look so good? I was just in my 20s back then and I look like shit now…this man has all his hair, his poise, his physique and his voice(who said the drugs don’t work?).

I was taking photos as well so I got to see the setlist at the start and it read like a Love/Hate greatest hits, as well as the songs from “Wasted In America” we had the classics which got everyone bat shit crazy, songs like “Tumbleweed”, “Fuel To Burn”, Yukka Man”, “Mary Jane” and “Dope”. We were treated to 19 songs of sheer joy, stupidity, drink and drugs. This was the band at their best and took me back to the energy that broke a floor all those years ago.

I got lost in pure entertainment and although I do not class this as old I have to admit it was a huge dollop of nostalgia. It seemed as if the band were enjoying things to as they veered of the set list a few times, muddled in the whole moment of the show the songs were played in any old order which ended up causing problems. As we got to final track and one of the best live tracks ever “Blackout In The Red Room” I realise they have not played my all time favourite track “She’s An Angel” and as the set finishes I walk back from the front a little disappointed, I informed my friends they missed this song out and just as I mention it jizzy returns to the stage to say “Shit, we forgot one, sorry” and they burst into the song with the crowd cheering and chanting Yeay, yeah, yeah. yeah and my night is made.

This was one of my top bands of the 90s and I am glad to say that jizzy carries the flag for the band I fell in love with. There is no feeble performance, no cashing in on the name. To prove a point Jizzy comes out to say hello to everyone after the show, sign whatever you had and do photos. He didn’t even have merch to sell as there was none left….not one item. The man is a gentleman and tonight he helped me relive my younger years and I can only thank him for that.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie


Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate @ Audio, Glasgow

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