LIVE REVIEW: Massive party night at the Diamond with Gasoline Outlaws and Massive Wagons Apr28


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LIVE REVIEW: Massive party night at the Diamond with Gasoline Outlaws and Massive Wagons

LIVE REVIEW: Massive party night at the Diamond with Gasoline Outlaws and Massive Wagons

PACKED Diamond Rock Club? Check. Enough trade over the bar to bring a glint of joy to brewery owners’ eyes? Check. Band t-shirts worn loud and proud? Check. Two bands pumping out no fucking about hard ass rock ‘n’ roll? Check.

All systems were go on Saturday (April 22nd) at the Diamond Rock club for the return of Massive Wagons, with local heroes Gasoline Outlaws set to pour fuel on to the fire of rock in our hearts.

Indeed the Outlaws were making their own return to the live circuit, with new tracks and obvious serious rehearsal time to sound so tight.

Their first album gives them a wealth of different tones in the songs to explore: opening with the rabble rousing declaration of ‘Nothing On Me’ there is clearly a sense of a band ready to raise their personal bar higher; to attain the next level of success.

New songs ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Breathe Again’ fit flawlessly into their set, earning an equally warm reception alongside established fan favourites such as ‘Shrouded Wolves’, ‘Heart and Soul’ and, of
course their anthemic trademark ‘Outlaws’

No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets from the Diamond audience.

Massive Wagons have been a whirlwind of energy on stage and off, capitalising on the success of their most recent released album ‘Welcome To The World’.

While they have a deepening back catalogue, it is those tracks that stand-out the most. That’s not to demean any of their solid other songs – rather a reflection of songs that since their release just over 12 months ago have become ingrained in the collective fan consciousness.

Baz is always gives the appearance of a demented ringmaster, energy spilling from the stage to infect the audience with the likes of the outrageously catchy ‘Tokyo’, the heft of ‘Nails’ and the wonderful ‘Ratio’.

No the “craic” wasn’t just good – it was mighty and great.

What sets Massive Wagons apart from many of their ilk is that there is no pretence, no attitude, whether it’s mingling with attendees or delivering high octane rock and a healthy banter.

They also have many a trick up their sleeves and know that while those who coughed up the cash to see the band also are there for a good time.

Pulling ‘Teenage Kicks’ from the locker gives all of a certain age a blast – “Teenage dreams are hard to beat” even if those years are long past.

The closing duo of ‘Fight The System’ and ‘Highway To Hell’ showcase the marriage and connection of why we got into rock music – to revel in the so-called classics and to see bands at their peak.

An honourable mention must also go to ‘Back To The Stack’ – this single is out now: a tribute to the late Rick Parfitt of the Quo, with all proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Not only a great thought, but a track that sits well in the set.

What Gasoline Outlaws and Massive Wagons do on stage is more than just provide entertainment: they give the audience a life affirming sense that despite personal woes, work, the global crises rock will never die.

Review by Jonathan Traynor
Pictures by Lizzie Torbitt
Refreshment by Carlsberg

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