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Temple of Lies – Dark Energy


Temple of Lies – Dark Energy

With the single Dark Energy having been released on 31st March as the first single for the upcoming album ‘The Serial Killer Suite’; I was a bit slow on the up-take to have a listen to this four-piece Temple of Lies who were established in 2010.

The band released their debut album ‘Monumental’ in 2013, before reworking some of the debut tracks to release them on the next album ‘From Sand’. This album is stated to have reflected a more mature sound from the band, and was released on Attic Records in 2016. Their latest album, the one from which Dark Energy is the first single to be released off, will be released in summer 2017, and they will follow the release with a couple of tour dates, with more to come.

My initial listen to the single release from the new video on YouTube did not bode well, I was not a fan of it straight from the off. The music for me does not initially draw me in – the vocals are mainly incoherent and seem to be getting lost in the sound of the instrumentation; the guitars seemingly too overpowering to begin with.

The chorus picks up a little, and begins to start drawing me in; slightly remind me of an Ill Nino sound. The vocals also improve slightly as I started to warm up to the track, but it is capturing my attention enough – I am finding the riff too repetitive, the lyrics are not enticing enough to draw me in and I feel the track is somewhat lacklustre and too generic.

Of this four minute song, the last minute intrigues me the most, with the vocals improving to become coherent and a haunting guitar piece serves as the outro to the track – but to me, I am not a huge fan of the whole track in general. It does not draw me in, does not capture my attention until the last minute; and by then it is too late – the damage is done. A song has to draw me in and enthral me; make me feel a certain way, like I can get lost in the song – to feel like that is everything to me, and Dark Energy just does not cut the mustard for me.

The band have talent no denying, and they do show a lot of potential with a mature stoner rock sound – but this song is not to my taste and I found this track failing to captivate me. I am certain established fans of the band will like what is being released, and it will win admirers from the fans of this genre – but unfortunately it did not win over me.

Niki Flynn

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