The Qurieboys play The Diamond Rock Club Apr13


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The Qurieboys play The Diamond Rock Club

LIVE REVIEW: Too Much Of A Good Thing? Not when The Qurieboys play The Diamond Rock Club

AUDIENCE drunk, band half-cut, PA booming out – all boxes ticked for The Quireboys playing the Diamond Rock Club – ‘This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and this was rock ‘n’ rill in its finest, glorious excess.

There is always a sense of occasion when Spike and co play, and the camaraderie between the band and the audience is no forced shenanigan, but is rather an intimacy that comes not from excessive adoration, but from a forged friendship rather than over familiarity.

Getting the party started were the Last Great Dreamers. Since the resurrection of the band three years ago there is a sense of reclaiming lost time, a determination to stun once more.

With their latest release ‘Last Transmission From Oblivion’ receiving acclaim their set on Saturday (8th April) captures their diverse soundscape.

Tracks such as ‘Crash Landing in Teenage Heaven’ and ‘No 1 Wonderboy’ receive a warm welcome from a crowd that isn’t half as dapper looking as the Last Great Dreamers.

With this the second night of The Quireboys two night stand in the Diamond the band seem relaxed as they mingle beforehand and chat amiably.

But any sense that they were not going to rip it up on stage disappears the moment they mount the stage. ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’? Nah, never enough of the good things that The Quireboys provide.

Guy and Paul trade smooth licks as Keith provides the texture from the keys – and while the band could always rely on the hits from the 80s, the fact that they have released an album a year from 2013 to 2016 means they have as many new(ish) tracks to air.

‘Twisted Love’ and ‘Mona Lisa Smiled’ are among the many highlights as the vagabond gypsy rockers keep it all in the right mood.

The melancholia of  lost love is matched by the music of triumph, emerging from real heartbreak through to passion re-discovered.

Sure ‘Hey You’ is aired, but the newer tracks are those that capture the aural tracts, ensnare the senses and urge you to enjoy another quaff of alcohol bliss.

Being joined on stage Last Great Dreamers just adds to the sense of a party that could have went on all night.

Review by Jonathan Traynor
Pictures by Lizzie Torbitt

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