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Titan Breed – Edge Of The World


Titan Breed – Edge Of The World

This may be Titan Breed’s debut EP but with members rising like phoenixes out of previous bands you know they are going to produce something good, this good I was not expecting though. I have managed to catch them live and from that very first show I was impressed. The talent was obvious as was the splicing of so many genres it was difficult to keep up.

The EP opens with what can only be described as the heavy as fuck “ Warsteiner”. It sees the dual vocals being used to perfection, Johnny Hollis goes for the jugular from the off, determined to grind your ears to pulverised meat. Just as you want to tap out in submission in comes Pete McCoy to bring the harmonies. This is one hell of a track live and it loses nothing on record. It is driven like a frenzied monster in its guitars. This is a scorcher and what a way to open the EP.

Next is “ Everytime” and the grinding guitar just keeps going and Lewis Kelly on drums decides that the brutality needs to be raised that bit more. The dual vocals work back and forward like a devil and angel in your ears, both vying for your soul, both could care less that you are staggering about like a punch drunk boxer. It has a gorgeous breakdown piece that sees the vocals take to the gutter and the guitars slither down your spine.

Third track “Be My saviour” is perfectly named and perfectly placed as it scales back the pace slightly and takes on a real swagger, a southern groove that reminds me of the Texan brand of metal blues that is shining bright at the moment. Pete’s vocals sound stunning here, they sour to a seriously high pitch which as the song leads on johnny strips down and pulls apart like a virgin on an alter.

The Undiscovered” opens with Mark Mcmillan busting out a catchy bass riff. It takes on a mysterious feel which Pete winds into a story with his words. The gutteral vocals are left to additions to punctuate the melodies and this works like a dream. The song also takes on an 80s pop synth feel without ever sounding anything like them. It has another brilliant breakdown of guitars screaming like a wounded beast.

The whole thing is wrapped up with “Descend in Isolation” and with a name like that you can pretty much bet the band are going for the killer blow but the surprise here is the total change in sound, call it power metal, call it synth,prog heaven…I don’t care what you call it as long as stunning is your final summation. This harks back to the days when dual guitars were introduced to metal by the likes of Judas Priest, how it was perfected by Iron Maiden and now how it is twisted into a new animal altogether by Titan Breed.

This is an incredible debut, I will go as far to say this is the best metal debut of the year and quite possibly the last two. It has everything you sweaty metalheads love or need. It takes on so many influences it could quite easily have ended up a disaster but these boys have worked some serious magic in “Edge Of The World” and left me struggling to breathe and desperate for more. The EP is out now and I recommend everyone get out and buy it NOW!

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