All Time Low have returned to Adelaide May18


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All Time Low have returned to Adelaide


Review by Lavender Baj: Pix by Maddi Baj

In their first Australian tour since Soundwave 2015, All Time Low have returned to Adelaide for a night that can only be described as pure pop-punk hysteria. Supported by international sensations The Maine and Neck Deep, this triple threat tour has taken Australia by storm over the past week and Adelaide was certainly no exception.

Arizona-based alternative rockers, The Maine kicked off the night with an electric performance of their hit track Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu, instantly making it clear that they weren’t just another filler band to kill time before the headliner. Although I hadn’t listened to their music prior to the show, The Maine kept my undivided attention throughout the entire set with a captivating stage presence and a killer setlist. The alternative-rock group quickly won the hearts of many with their incredible audience interaction, calling a fan up on stage to help them belt out the 2008 hit, Girls Do What They Want. A quick glance around the crowd made it pretty clear that the sight of John O’Callaghan literally throwing himself across the stage while belting out some of the band’s most popular songs was definitely getting the audience in the mood to get rowdy.

Next on the line-up was UK group, Neck Deep with a much heavier (but in the best way possible) performance than I originally expected. Taking the stage in the most obnoxiously bright orange hoodie the world has ever seen, frontman Ben Barlow immediately caught the crowd’s attention while belting out their 2015 hit, Gold Steps in true pop-punk fashion. Continuing the pop-punk party, the Brits covered all of the favourites including December and Serpents, finishing their surprisingly heavy set with a killer performance of Can’t Kick Up the Roots. I never thought I’d enjoy Ben Barlow yelling at me from the Thebarton stage, but I was definitely wrong.

After two-and-a-half years of waiting, All Time Low fans were hysterical as Alex Gaskarth single-handedly took the stage singing all-time favourite, Weightless to begin the set. Unsurprisingly, the crowd went absolutely mental in a frenzy of screaming and bra-throwing in true pop-punk fashion. While we were all slightly disappointed that OG classics like Stella didn’t make the setlist, any true All Time Low fan would’ve been happy with the perfect mix of throwback favourites and newer tracks throughout the set. In a sea of flashing lights and Alex Gaskarth wearing fans’ bras, all of the greatest hits were there; Somewhere in Neverland, Backseat Serenade, Therapy and Lost in Stereo, you name it, they played it. Adelaide fans were also lucky enough to hear some other favourites like Six Feet Under the Stars that weren’t played earlier in the tour.

But the four-piece band from Baltimore bring so much more to a show than just great music, with a stage presence that had fans of all ages flocking to the Thebarton Theatre to witness the greatness unfolded last night. The personality of most pop-punk bands seems to get lost in the shadow of the vocalist, but not these guys. All four members took the audience on a trip down memory lane, with the same childish sense of humour and charismatic personality that they showed on their earlier tours and Straight to DVD documentary, instantly filling the room with nostalgia. Funny guys playing great music in an all-round killer performance, what more could you ask for? Fans of all ages were in absolute awe throughout the whole performance, proving that you’re never too old for a good old pop-punk show.

With two opening acts that most people would pay big bucks to see headlining, and of course All Time Low, this show had high hopes from us all, but all three bands truly exceeded expectations for what shaped up to be a night of pure pop-punk partying.

All Time Low Have Returned To Adelaide For A Night

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