Black Spiders Farewell Gig @ Stereo Glasgow May15


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Black Spiders Farewell Gig @ Stereo Glasgow


Black Spiders Farewell Gig @ Stereo Glasgow

The sad day is finally upon us, Black Spiders have decided enough is enough and the moment this gig was announced I knew there was no way I was missing this show.

Support tonight and for the tour was Bigfoot, a band I had caught recently and never seem to be far from Scotland. They may not have been the first band you though would be supporting the Spiders but they always play a blazing set and tonight was no different.

They brought their brand of cock rock and to be fair a good few fans as well. They are all about groove, killer songs and fun. Black Spiders may very well be at the end of their career but these boys are well and truly just getting started. They may have two EP’s and a debut full length on the way but there is nothing wet behind the ears here.

As a band they are supremely tight which has to be down to the amount of touring they do and if the debut album has the quality of songs on those EP’s expect to see a hell of a lot more from Bigfoot. Songs like “Tie Me Down”, “Bitch Killer”, “Run” and the amazing “Blame It On The Dog” will get any sweaty rocker frothing at the mouth. There is everything in there from AC/DC to your pick of any of the hair metal bands of the 80s.

If you haven’t seen them sort that shit out right now, if you have…well you know what I am talking about, a brilliant young band really going places.

I didn’t know how I would feel about saying goodbye to Black Spiders, would it be sad, happy or worst of all would I not be bothered one way or the other? It has been a few years now since I last saw them and I remember they blew me away so when the band broke into “ El Diablo” it was thrown right in my face just how good this band is live.

For about 10 minutes before the band came on the chanting started, that slightly profane chant that goes hand in hand with this band. In fact I would go as far to say Spiders fans are a bit special(yes, that could be the non PC special too). You need to be a bit twisted and preferable drunk to get the most out of this show.

It doesn’t help when the band dive into the madness as we have a certain drummer in a rather fetching dress/nightie(I really did not want to look too close for fear of mental scarring). As the band were blasting through their set you would never have known this was the last time they would grace a stage in Glasgow. They did not mention it and just tore the venue a new one. They were not showing any signs of depression as they skipped around the badly placed main column in Stereo. It was a very dark and quite spooky ring a roses with men in beards.

They were also not going to leave this town just showing up and getting through a show. They gave it their all with an incredible version of “St Peter”, a song I fell in love with the moment I heard it. The set was short but packed with all your favourites, “Balls”, “Trouble” Teenage Knife Gang” were all played at full throttle and ensured a mosh pit never died down.

The first mention of their departure came when we were told there was good and bad news and as Glaswegians they expected us to be hard enough to take the bad news first…so we were told it was the last ever show in Glasgow( as homer would say…D’oh) but the good news was it would be the best(followed by, gig, on this night, played by them, at this exact time). Yes, another thing I will miss is this band’s humour.

The main part of the set was over in a flash, the band left the stage and we were all thinking is that it? But of course it wasn’t, the crowd were chanting like mentally deranged idiots(which we could have been). We stomped the floor, the stage, the walls, in fact anything that was close by and if the band had never came back there would have been a riot on their hands.

Before long the brilliant intro to Meadow burst to life from the PA and the cheers went up as the hazy, lazy stoned out track kicked our ass. As the song finished we see some emotion take a hold of the band as the end beckoned and at that point the crowd picked up the vibe and started chanting “one more year” over and over to which the band switched it around to one more beer…but the mask was slipping.

The riff for “Just Like A Woman” saved the tears from arising and they went for it in style which only left one last song. There is really no need to mention “Stay Down” or why this is the last song of the set, to think I will never see this played live again( big sigh). To lighten the mood we are reinforced with the fact this will be the last time so we better sing up(yeah right, like Glasgow need to be told this) and to be fair the band are expecting us to kick the previous audiences ass with a proposed 7 out of 10…once again yeah right.

I think Glasgow done the boys proud tonight and I hope that the band take away as many memories as we did. As the band left the stage to the chants “Fuck off Black Spiders” the irony sank in as off they fucked. Thank you for the music, the memories, the spilt beer and the laughter. Black Spiders YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!!

Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Black Spiders Farewell Gig @ Stereo Glasgow

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