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EP Review: Figures – ‘Chronos’


EP Review: Figures – ‘Chronos’

Reviewer: Lavender Baj – It feels like there’s another ‘up and coming’ band from Melbourne that’s set to be ‘the next big thing’ every other week, so why should we care about FIGURES, right? Wrong.

This 5-piece band from the not-so-sunny city of Melbourne formed in 2014 and have been on a steady rise with their heavy melodic hard rock tunes ever since. After bursting onto the scene with the roaring success of their debut self-titled EP, Figures made it crystal clear that they were determined to stand out among the already crowded scene of heavy bands in Australia. In their short lifespan, the band have opened for some pretty impressive names like Superheist and Twelve Foot Ninja just to name a few, which should give you some faith that their latest EP, CHRONOS really can’t be that bad.

The prog-rock EP from the Melbourne-based quintet features five brand new tracks that are sure to cement FIGURES’ position in the Australian (and international) scene. Produced by Luke Cincotta, who works with bands like Karnivool and Airbourne, the EP still has the same signature sound that made the earlier tracks so memorable, but has stepped up a notch with some more killer mixes of clean vocals and insane screams.

Recoil, the EP’s opening track, is a tribute to bassist, Jen Fletcher’s late friend (and supporter) ‘Slick’ Mick Mills, who tragically lost his battle with Lymphoma earlier this year. The song was his favourite track ever produced by FIGURES, making it a fitting tribute to a fellow musician. It’s obvious why the band chose this track to open the EP, because it really is just five minutes of pure prog-rock goodness. With Mark Tronson’s outstanding vocals and killer lyrics that make you want to scream along with him, this track is sure have you reaching for the repeat button, but resist the urge because the rest of the EP is pretty great too.

Another memorable track that’s set to make your eardrums happy is the EP’s final track, Crying Door. A nice change from the earlier tracks, Crying Door features mostly clean vocals, ending the EP on a calmer note. Lyrically a highlight, the track clearly shows how the band have evolved since their self-titled EP earlier last year.

As a whole, CHRONOS is considerably heavier than their self-titled EP, but is still filled with enough melodic clean vocals to be enjoyable for those who aren’t into constant screaming. The EP seems to have found that perfect balance of clean vocals and heavier stuff without having every song sound the same. As you work your way through the EP from Recoil to Crying Door, the tracks progressively become less heavy which means it’s the perfect record to thrash on your way to work to scream out your Mondayitis without arriving ready to start a circle pit in the office.

Compared to FIGURES’ self-titled EP, CHRONOS is just different. There’s really no other way to describe it, so even if you didn’t really dig their earlier stuff, the new record is still worth checking out. If you’re a fan of bands like The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool or Voyager, you’re probably going to love the latest release from these guys (and girl). Unsurprisingly, Melbourne has blessed our ears with another heavy band to add to our Spotify playlists.

CHRONOS doesn’t make it’s international debut until June 16, but if you’re desperate to get your hands and ears on this EP you can pre-order today via Bandcamp and get Recoil as an instant-grat track to rock out to while you wait.