King King\ Bad Touch @ 02 ABC, Glasgow May12


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King King\ Bad Touch @ 02 ABC, Glasgow


King King\ Bad Touch @ 02 ABC, Glasgow

King King seem to bring the sun to Scotland. Almost a year to the day they strolled into Glasgow, the sun streaming in the sky and they left having wrapped up a blistering performance that was captured for all eternity on the King King live CD…the boys had some feat to overshadow that so how did they do?

But before we get to the headliners we had probably the hardest touring band in the UK…who just happen to be awesome in their own right. Yes, Bad Touch were back in town. They are no strangers to Scotland with the last gig less than two months ago as they co headlined with Broken Witt Rebels.

I have followed this band devotedly since I discovered them more than two years ago and I have seen them perform live many, many times. To this day they have never failed to make me ask the question why the hell are this band not massive? There is something very special within the core of Bad Touch, something that is very hard to tie down but with a frontman with a voice of a naughty angel and with tunes that will shake your ass no matter how hard you try to stop it this band has the rock star formula.

Tonight they started very early so the hall was far from full, this is something I have to put down to bar prices…oh, that and the security outside informing everyone who asked what time King King were on stage but I stood there time after time and informed one and all(like a good little fanboy) that they cannot miss the support band. I gladly managed to get a good few into the venue and I knew my work was done as it takes less than one song for Bad Touch to get their hooks in you.

Luckily that first song was “Heartbreaker, Soulshaker”, yip, the guys went for the jugular with my favourite track and a song from their phenomenal album “Truth Be Told”. If this song does not make its way straight to your inner gay dance move box just give up, walk away and buy the Justin Beiber back catalogue( does he have one?).

Next up is the heavily Black Crowes influenced “Under My Skin” and the crowd were hooked, they shuffled forward and the groove was making its way around the venue. The only older song tonight was “Wise Water” which saw Stevie Westwood chat to us about shirts, please see the last live review for full details but tonight there was no such hilarity(once again this may be down to beer prices…or just the absence of one seriously drunk, appreciative and possibly in love punter).

Tonight was all about rocking out as we get the Bad Touch updated(backdated?) attempt at doing their own “Wanted Dead Or Alive” and for my money this takes that one down quicker than any western gunslinger. “Outlaw” sees Seeks stroll around that stage like a badass which he has every right to do as he wrote this brilliant song.

For this crowd who very little had heard the band before I would say the song My Mother Told Me with its mash up with “Hard To Handle” was everyone’s favourite and why not? It is outstanding live.

The only problem with liking this band is you are always left wanting more as the support slots just tease like one of those lovely ladies in the Amsterdam windows. They finish off with an incredible version of the hippy, soul draped “ The Mountain”. I never get enough of this band but luckily they are back in Scotland next month for the best little festival in the UK, Wildfire so no doubt I will get more hugs, share a few drink and burst out the shirt and inbreeding jokes. See you soon guys.

No matter how good Bad touch were this is King King’s audience and King King’s town. You don’t mess with Alan and the band in this city. Alan would say…he has a lot of hauners out there. The venue may be packed out tonight but it is just shy of selling out which you have to put down to only one reason, some old fart who has seemingly done some decent songs, joking aside Glasgow had the legend that is “ Paul Rodgers” playing the city the same night. It must have been a double edged sword for Alan Nimmo tonight as his love for this man and his music is well know. He also had a big impact on tonight’s show more than once as the intro tonight was “All Right Now”.

As the band take to the stage in a flurry of dry ice we see Alan peep out to mockingly see if anyone had turned up and proceeds to call the crowd idiots as he would be at the Paul Rodgers show if he wasn’t playing”

The band break into “More Than I can Take” and I end up in the time machine that is music for two hours, there is no better place to be. No matter what is going on in your life outside these four walls when the lights go down and the instruments kick in all is lost.

I have been watching this band for a long time now, each time I wonder how they will do, each bar is set by seeing Alan’s brother Stevie play a blinding show as if to say top that little bruv and each show I wonder how I am going to write an original review as I have poured out so many words on these boys…but each time they kick my ass, they slap Stevie and say better up your game and the words flow freely, I cannot hide it, I love this band. It may be the fact that Alan and Stevie were brought up not 5 miles from my front door, that I have seen them play so many times from pubs,clubs and ferries or it may be the fact that they are the best damned blues rock band the UK has to offer right now.

You just have to look at their setlist and the amount of awards they have won to know this is a special band. The backbone of Wayne proctor on drums( whose kit sounded sublime tonight, I could hear every stroke and rim hit) and bassist Lindsay Coulson may not be one to showboat but their presence is always there and they are what make this band tick. Another huge part of the band’s make up is the bond onstage between Alan and keyboard player Bob Fridzema. There is a real sparkle of magic that has only ever been topped by Alan and his brother Stevie when they are on the same stage.

No matter what accolades I bestow on this band there is no doubt in anyone’s mind who the star is. Alan is bestowed with such incredible talent, a voice that is pure blues and a guitar player that can make you weep. He is mesmerising and on so many occasions over the years I have hung on every word and every note that he creates. When he brings an audience to complete silence as he reduces the sound on his guitar so there is no amplification and you can still hear the pluck of that string never fails to blow me away, that is the work of a genius, I have never even seen Mr Bonamassa pull that one off.

We got all the hits tonight, songs like “Stanger To Love”, “You Stopped the Rain” and the showstopper “Rush Hour” but here is one noticeable omission in “Jealousy”. This one always nearly brakes me, I have never heard anyone cover this song like King King but I have to accept this band want to mix things up and move on which brought us to the new album and a new song…which I cannot confirm as seemingly this was a little slip up(or was it one of those Dallas, dream moments and it never really happened?). Dream or not the new song kicked in like an AC\DC classic before settling into a big Thunder feel, I loved it(if it actually happened).

Knowing Alan’s love for the rockier side I did wonder if the band would start to veer to that side and I suspect we will hear a very different king King on the new album which I look forward too, the band have graced the same stages as Thunder in support and there was a real sparkle in their eyes, they brought in the sing along part to Rush hour for that tour and it was an instant hit and I cannot see that song ever being dropped from the set now, yes, I think it is time for King King to grab those old school rockers by the bald heads and slightly iffy hearing and grab those big stages.

Images and review by Ritchie Birnie.

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