Live Review: – The Darkness @ the Groovin’ Festival in Adelaide May01


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Live Review: – The Darkness @ the Groovin’ Festival in Adelaide


Live Review: – The Darkness @ the Groovin’ Festival in Adelaide

Photos: Maddi Baj and Review by Kirsten Grant: – Groovin’ the Moo is a festival that got its name because it started out in the rural paddocks across Australia until this year where it’s being held a stone’s throw from the Adelaide CBD. It’s eclectic and over the years we’ve all had the opportunity to hear some music that we wouldn’t normally get a chance to at the same gig. Don’t like Wolfmother then give it a couple of minutes before we get some Northlane and then some Hilltop Hoods.

A good crowd of about 18,000 are anticipating the arrival of The Darkness. On walks Justin Hawkins in a unitard that appears to be made of an experimental fabric somewhere between lycra and neoprene rubber. It’s also a blue colour that I’m not sure has a name. His white Gibson is dangling gunslinger-low and is playing an impromptu solo as he swaggers onto the stage. Not sure but that looks like Rufus Tiger on drums as the most recent addition to the band. Whatever, it’s great to have them back on an Australian stage and, if you are in any doubt, Hawkins stops the solo and announces, ‘We are the Mother Farkin DARKNESS!’ Its Black Shuck time and the place goes mental.

If you haven’t seen The Darkness before there are expectations; the solos that follow solos, the gymnastics and the song outros that you can time with a calendar. But you also get a band that knows what an audience wants and Black Shuck is followed by Growing on Me, One Way Ticket and Love is only a Feeling. All this, and a Justin headstand on the drum riser, that has the crowd chanting.

Solid Gold is a new one from the band but there’s no doubt that this is a Darkness song and it fits straight into the setlist. The band winds up the triple header to finish the shortened Festival set and it’s the mind-blowing Get Your hands Off my Woman, surely one of the greatest songs ever written, followed by I Believe in a Thing Called Love. At this stage the crowd, of all ages and walks of life that an eclectic bill brings, goes up as one and it’s a sing-a-long. Justin is on someone’s shoulders then doing poses that defy gravity in that jumpsuit all while cranking out the hard-rocking glam. The Darkness finish up with Love on the Rocks with No Ice which has at least a ten minute outro that sees the band try to wind it up while Justin plays a close out solo while in the front row before scrambling out to get the crowd to match him vocally. Given that his vocal range includes part of the spectrum that only dogs can hear we will go along with it but we haven’t a hope of matching him.

What can you say about The Darkness that hasn’t already been said? This band gives it all and then some and it’s a joy to see them crank it out in Adelaide. Well done to Groovin’ the Moo to include these guys because they are a festival must see!


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