Live Review: – The Wombats / Architects @ the Groovin’ Festival in Adelaide May01


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Live Review: – The Wombats / Architects @ the Groovin’ Festival in Adelaide


Live Review: – The Wombats / Architects @ the Groovin’ Festival in Adelaide

Photos: Maddi Baj and Review: Kirsten Grant: – Groovin’ the Moo is a festival that got its name because it started out in the rural paddocks across Australia until this year where it’s being held a stone’s throw from the Adelaide CBD. It’s eclectic and over the years we’ve all had the opportunity to hear some music that we wouldn’t normally get a chance to at the same gig. This is the reason I’m reviewing the Architects and The Wombats side by side, is to pay homage to this festival, which manages to bring together all sorts of genres.

The Wombats saunter on to face a crowd that has just been aurally mugged by the mighty Darkness who came on stage, took everything before them and entertained everyone. The Wombats are frequent flyers to Australia which probably explains why their last two albums have done so well in the charts over here with both reaching number 2. Also good to hear that the band are working on their fourth album which the media have intelligently coined as, ‘The Fourth Album’. Genius

The crowd are still a bit shaken by what just happened with The Darkness but The Wombats quickly get into their groove and we are off. I first heard them on a trip to the UK about nine years ago but looking through my notes of the day I realise that The Wombats have been around for fourteen years! As headliners today it’s apparent that they have spent a lot of that time on stage as they are confident and just crack through the classics. Your Body is a Weapon and Techno Fan are beautiful pieces of work but it’s Let’s Dance to Joy Division that closes out the day and reminds everyone why they are headlining. A nice little circle of spinning dancers appears at the front of the crowd, ignoring the drizzling rain, as we all enjoy the irony of The Wombats.

Compare this easy going indie pop of The Wombats to the craziness happening in the stage next door with another UK Band, the Architects, giving the crowd a work over with some high amped metalcore. This is a band that seems to be able to turn up at a Festival, whatever the billing, and just get on with it. Groovin’ is also backed up with spots at both Reading and Wacken. While here in Australia there is a good number of dates with many sold out.

First time I have seen them and I’m staring at the Architects fans down the front just letting loose at what sounds like a bit of Deathwish but with a strong crowd we are being moved around a fair amount and the place is going crazy. This band are on fire tonight but it’s hard to review when you are travelling through the audience without using your legs! Think I might have to go see these guys at one of their dates in Oz and give them a proper review.

Thanks to Groovin’ the Moo for the most eclectic bill in Australia. Long may it continue.


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