Live Review: Voyager @ Fowlers, Adelaide May16


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Live Review: Voyager @ Fowlers, Adelaide


Live Review: Voyager @ Fowlers, Adelaide

Review – Craig Grant:

It’s a big night in Adelaide with Voyager, the prog masters of Australia, starting their Ghost Mile tour one day before the album is released. We reviewed the album  and it’s a corker, so really looking forward to hearing it live. Just as exciting we have the French duo The Algorithm in support and that’s one that I have been looking forward to for a long time. First up we have the Tony Font Show.

What can you say about the rAdelaidean four-piece that call themselves the Tony Font Show? Its metal cum funk cum lounge music with a lot of slap bass and a guitarist that was left with about four strings with his cheese grater style attack on the guitar. There on the drums is the same bloke we saw the other week with Japam, Jack Thomson. He gets around and he brought out the groove tonight. The Tony Font show take cool to a manic level. There is a powerfunk vibe that runs through this and it’s like the return of Mr Bungle, except there was a lot more energy in the room but a lot less brass. Loved every minute of it and off to find a copy of their recent EP as it sounds like it is worth a review. Insanely great performance.

Next up was French duo The Algorithm. One member of the band covers keyboards, sequencer and guitar while the other hammers out insane beats on the acoustic drums. I am a long term fan of the French electronic scene and all of the experimental directions that it took. The Algorithm are in a niche of a niche, though at times we have the guitar driven riffs of Carpenter Brut and occasionally the insane brutal beat fest of Flux Pavilion. But this is unmistakeable as being The Algorithm and I just sat down in the camera pit and watched a spellbinding performance. I suggest you go fire up the Interwebs right now and go listen to Floating Point as this is a track that tells you what this artist is all about. Stunning performance.

All this and still Voyager to come. It was a set that covered a career that is now six albums and Voyager were straight into the grove with no nonsense prog that is filled with imagination and conviction. Best prog album in Australia and this is probably one of the best bands to see live at the moment. I have seen them live about five times in the last few months and I have never thought….’I’ve seen this before’. It’s a different thing each time I see them and they are so tight as a band it is breathtaking.

Coup of the night is hearing Ascension, Misery is Only Company, To the Riverside and Ghost Mile. They stuck in my mind from the album and they were stellar on the night. I know that albums aren’t one take wonders but it sounds like Voyager have been playing these songs for years. The band sounds amazing and it is always a joy watching the dodgy dancing and listening to the guitar work of Simone Dow. Great performance and we finish the night with the ‘old’ favourite White Shadow which always reminds me of Hammerfall. Loved it.

Voyager always seem to be on tour somewhere so get out there and support a band that needs to be recognised for their new stonking album and being one of the best live bands out there. Get amongst it people.

Live Review: Voyager @ Fowlers, Adelaide

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