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Marvellous Mo and the Back Line Ferrets


Marvellous Mo and the Back Line Ferrets

A Brief Glimpse into the history of…


Four years ago, a group of six friends, all with a lifelong interest in music, got together to play as a one-off gig at a charity function. That one-off was the start of an ever-growing list of dates and venues, and including repeats now means that from a creditable twelve gigs in first year to now at least thirty… and the number is rising.

Although primarily based in the Sittingbourne area of Kent they cover most of the county, they have been seen even further afield, notably the north of the country and even in Scotland, and there is even a rumour that they have been asked to play in Spain at some stage.

The group have an eclectic repertoire, and although they tend to specialise in cover versions from the 60’s and 70’s era they also cover hits from the 50’s and 80’s which means that can cater for a number of mixed aged audiences.The group comprises of Maurice (Mo) Dunk –lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Martin Stanford –drums, Steve Gostling –keyboard, percussion and vocals, Dave Curling –bass and recently making his debut, Paul Webb on lead guitar. The night I saw them –their 102nd gig- they had a guest saxophonist, another friend, Nick Wyver, standing in for the regular Paul Deveraux. With all the modern technological wizardry at their disposal, the band is ably assisted by two dedicated sound engineers, Steve Barnes and Josh Baldwin.


Mick Sayce