Marvellous Mo and the Backline Ferrets on the  Serious Moonlight Tour of Sheppey May15


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Marvellous Mo and the Backline Ferrets on the Serious Moonlight Tour of Sheppey


Marvellous Mo and the Backline Ferrets on the

Serious Moonlight Tour of Sheppey at the Beach Bar and Hotel, Minster

29th April 2017

This was the first night that the band had ever played at this venue, which, by the way, had only been open in its current form for about eight weeks so it was to be a new and exiting experience for everyone.

It was to be a night for the ‘Regulars’ –with one exception- Mo Dunk on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Dave Curling on bass guitar; Paul Deveraux on saxophone, Steve Gostling on keyboards, vocals and percussion and Michael Kinney on lead guitar. The exception was a young man by the name of Harry Evans on drums who, even though rehearsal time had been limited, slotted in seamlessly and managed extremely well on some of the songs that had been written many years before he was born and he hadn’t even had time to rehearse!

The venue was great for a band, a large rectangular room with the band at one end and a bar running for most of the length of a side wall. Lighting and acoustics were good especially once the talented Josh Baldwin (Sound Man) had tweaked his box of tricks.

Despite starting a little late because they were waiting for a group of fans that were travelling back from watching the rugby at Twickenham that day, the band kicked off with a series of what they call ‘Old School Rock And Roll’ which were Roxy Music’s classic Let’s Stick Together followed by Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival and a couple of oldies closely followed by a number of great covers including a few from the Kinks, Hendrix and other musical legends from the late sixties and early seventies, all of course in the Ferrets’ own inimitable style.

After the break the band came back even stronger with favourite after favourite. Beginning with a selection of well-known classics from the Small Faces, they rapidly belted out four from the Rolling Stones and a set of four from The Who. Then came the Ferrets piece de resistance -Madness’ One Step Beyond, Last Boat to Cairo and It Must Be Love– all of which really set the scene for the final quarter of the gig. They even had some of the more energetic members of the audience up on their feet and dancing around the floor and the famous Ferret Topper was passed from person to person around the bar, always eliciting humorous and often ribald comments from friends of the current wearer.

Somewhere in between all of this was James Brown’s I Feel Good, Bowie’s Jean Genie, Rod Stewart’s Maggie May, Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran and a rather catchy instrumental jazz-funk number by Brother Strut that goes by the name of Metropolis.

All of the above show the versatility in genres of a group of really competent performers who thoroughly enjoy their music; in fact so much so that they have been invited back for further dates…which appears to be becoming a regular occurrence.

Mick Sayce

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