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Melbourne heavyweights Mammoth Mammoth.


Reviewer: Craig Grant

It’s been a while since we last checked out Melbourne heavyweights Mammoth Mammoth. In fact it was the release of the EP Mammoth Bloody Mammoth back in February 2016. Now it’s time for a new LP, in the form of Mount the Mountain, which is eleven tracks in the Mammoth x 2 style of laid back and raw rock. The four piece sound like the love child of Kyuss and Clutch with a couple of coats of vegemite to make sure you know this is true blue pub rock. A bit like the US band Dead Till Dark they are hard rock with a punk underbelly and no-shit attitude.

The cover of this album is highlighter orange and the sort of album art that would stick out like dog nuts when you were searching through a stack of vinyl back in the day. Topless woman, angel wings and large boots on her feet on the cover. It took me twenty minutes of staring to realise that I have no idea what the album cover is about.

The action inside the cover is all about beating you senseless around the ears with unforgiving rock that doesn’t let up. It’s music that comes from playing the pub scene and doing it the hard way. The title track kicks off proceedings and it’s a gentle start and unmistakable as Mammoth Mammoth. But, I found myself moving to the second track Spellbound and staying there for about fifteen repeat plays. What a track this is. It’s cyclic and could go for ever with riff, then chorus, then on the throttle and leading to a lead guitar break. It’s a monster of a track and totally stunning. Only gripe is that the fade out is about thirty seconds. You could have fitted in another chorus and solo there guys. Mind blowing track!

It sets up the album and it’s a raw, but smartly done, mix. It has the feeling that there was a disagreement in a pub and a recording session broke out. It has that impromptu feel like the band walk in, pick up the instruments and let loose. There’s that feel of @Atlantic Studios where everything is on edge and this could go either way.

That punk feel spills over in the songs Epitome and Hard Way Down. Hard Way Down is just a punk fest from the off and as complicated as punk shouldn’t be. It’s a winner from the start and it’s probably only second in quality to the mesmerising Spellbound which I have just whacked on again. Funny, yet true story, while I have been doing this review I must have played that track a dozen times again and the person next to me in the office has just put in a pre-order for the album based solely on the first twenty seconds of that track! I’ll wait for my sales commission cheque in the mail.

The album finishes with a cover, which seems to be an Australian plague at the moment and I’ve ranted about this recently elsewhere. Last EP had the Mammothers whacking out a bit of MC5 but this time it’s Kylie and Can’t Get You Out of my Head……Yeah I know. A bit of kudos is recovered by the band dropping in the word DOPE at every opportunity. It’s good but don’t judge the album by it.

Tour is in the wind and its one not to miss based on this gem. Get the deluxe edition because you know you need it in your life. Great album from a band that is keeping the Australian pub groove alive. For those of you that love Clutch, Sasquatch, 1000mods or Truckfighters – look no further!