Miami Monroe @ Audio, Glasgow May23


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Miami Monroe @ Audio, Glasgow


Miami Monroe @ Audio, Glasgow

Pup Punkers on the way up Miami Monroe headline one of my favourite Glasgow venues and tear the place apart.

Although there was a few bands on tonight I only managed to catch the support slot from the brilliant Better Days. This crazy bunch of Geordies played a brilliant set previously with the headliners tonight in the much smaller Broadcast earlier this year so with a bigger crowd and a slightly bigger stage they were determined to make sure you remembered their name(oh…that and the fact they gave everyone and their dog a business card).

Although their set was short it was far from sweet. They tore through the short set list including Lucky, Thick Skin and the brilliant “This House” which just begs for some pogo action. The band members never stand at peace and as a photographer as well it keeps you on edge constantly trying to catch the mid air shots.

The song that got everyone going had to be the cover of Lit’s “ Own Worst Enemy” which was perfect. This is a band I would happily go see headline anywhere. They are well worth the ticket price alone and I am sure we will hear a lot more from the (Howay the) lads. A great band with so much energy it makes my bones creak just watching them…ones not to be missed.

When it comes to Glasgow and Pop/Punk for me there are only two names, The brilliant Altered Sky and Miami Monroe. I have Altered Sky to thank for introducing me to Miami Monroe as they supported them a few years back and they instantly stuck in my mind. I was lucky enough to see them play the same bill as Altered Sky a few times now and as much as I love Altered Sky, Miami Monroe take me back in time, give me more of that original punk feel, the energy of the 70s and the first genre of music I fell in love with(well, outside the wombles).

Miami Monroe are gritty, edgy but full of talent. The vocals almost lean on hardcore at times but the melodies are strong throughout. They went for the throat with opener “Lost And Found” and this crowd were going crazy from the off. I reckon the bar done some good business tonight as the very rowdy crowd at the left of the stage were vocal from the start and in usual good Glasgow fashion the banter was top notch with the highlight being the constant chants for “Maggie May” which the band finally caved in a played a few bars of.

The whole night seemed to be a celebration for both fans and band alike as they got to headline a venue that many great rock,metal and punk acts have played before them. It is a very in your face venue with the crowd only inches from the band, where you have the smallest backstage area(a cupboard stage left) and only ever a few steps away from the bar. It always makes for a memorable night as the sound is always spot on and the crowd are always vocal.

When you have a home crowd it gives you a bit of leeway and the boys grabbed that with both hands as they threw in a cover of Blink 182 “Dammit” and they even slowed the whole thing down by bringing out the acoustic which to me was genius and worked a treat.

For me though the highlight was the tracks from their recently released EP. It was also evident that pretty much everyone here had a copy as these songs really picked up the crowd and no wonder, with brilliant songs like the excellent “Wookie Rookie”, the poppier “ Happy As Larry” and the old school “I Don’t Care At All”. I love the new EP and to be fair I think this band are far too good to be a hometown band who pop up in support slots. A headline show like this proves this band can go it themselves with ease.

There is a great vibe between the band members and you know they enjoy the hell out of what they do which is totally evident in the final track tonight, “Fat Lip”. This sums up the bands quality with ease. Everyone gets involved in the vocals and they bring out the pure fun element of that classic song. For me it personifies this band and every time I walk away from a show I think I hope I see them again soon.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Miami Monroe @ Audio, Glasgow

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