Stone Broken, The Garage May26


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Stone Broken, The Garage


Stone Broken/ Last Alibi @ The Garage, Glasgow

A promise long kept to Glasgow was paid in full and in Style as Stone Broken fulfilled this postponed headline gig. Not only did they put on one hell of a show they made this special for a chosen few people.

The support tonight was from local lads Last Alibi. It has been a long time coming since I last saw them support W.A.S.P. legend Chris Holmes last year so I was looking forward to see if they could outdo a show which had me standing to attention than night.

Now, with not many shows between then and now you could expect a bit of ring rustiness but that was nowhere to be seen as they jumped into opener “ Angel Instincts”. Within seconds I knew my initial reaction to this band was spot on, they are dynamite. If I had to describe them in two words it would have to be Sleazy Mutherfuckers…now, I am not saying they don’t wash( frontman Jamie Ramage scrubs up particularly well), no, the sleaze is all down to the musical content.

This band will have you searching your loft for those long lost lycra trousers and bandanas. They personify everything that was good about the late 80s/early 90s. The songs are excellent, the attitude is full of “we don’t give a shit” and the band are as tight as hell.

To think this band have absolutely nothing released to date defies belief. How do you get this good with not even an EP on the go? This is to be rectified very soon with the release of “ Vice City” and what a choice, The song is the third song tonight and it goes down a storm, especially as very few would have heard of the band before.

Ramage is a born front man with a huge sprinkling of that Glasgow patter to keep everyone smiling. His vocals will remind you of a good few singers who pretty much owned the 90s with their distinctive gravelly vocals. If you add this to Scotland’s version of Steve harris in Allen Bell who prowls around the stage. You also have Callum flint providing the more than solid backbone and that leaves just one, the incredibly talented Andy Christie, a man that constantly looks in shock that he is actually playing on a stage unbeknown to him we are all in awe of his skills as he sunk in and out of the dried ice, showing his licks, flicks and box of tricks.

Individually this band are excellent, combined they could be unstoppable and with the added onstage bond between Ramage and Christie they have something very special. They work in dual, always close by, watching everything each other does which as a punter is amazing to watch.

Their own material with the likes of “Prophet And The Thief” and “Burning out” are good enough for any headline set list but they blew the crowd away with a blistering cover of “ House Of The Rising Sun”, a notoriously difficult song to sing but the way Ramage grabbed it and twisted it to his husky pipes was brilliant. I cannot wait for the debut single and seeing these guys again. If you get the chance check them out…you will be just as impressed.

So finally Stone Broken get to play in The Garage and although this was a postponed show we haven’t been lacking of Stone Broken live action. The reason the show was cancelled was due to the Glen Hughes tour which was also postponed originally but we managed to see both bands and watch Stone Broken wow a new audience.

It is funny how things turn out as we have just been informed the band will now be the UK support for the Living Colour tour later in the year. To say that this band are making waves is an understatement. Anyone who has seen them live will instantly love them and realise big things await.

Tonight the band open with “Stay All Night”, a set list old boy but the focus tonight was on the new stuff, with the band wrapping up recording duties on album number two I take it they were desperate to get the songs out there and in the live environment. Apart from “Just A memory” which already feels like an old friend we were treated to “Other Side Of Me”, “Larger” and “Doesn’t Matter”.

The new tracks were excellent and slotted in brilliantly among “All In Time’s” masterpieces. With the new songs coming on board it means somewhere down the line we will have to drop songs(or preferably play longer sets…hint,hint) but not tonight, we get treated to every track of the debut much to everyone’s excitement. My only criticism is as always the exclusion of “The Medley” maybe one day it will make a comeback(sigh).

As always the band are tight, Rich is up there front and centre with that twinkle in his eye, Robyn is in the background beating the living daylights out of het kit with that cheeky grin, Chris is his usual self, all poses and pomp but it is Kieron that is the big surprise. He looks like he has been possessed by Robyn’s animal as he goes a bit crazy, he is on the monitors, he is head banging like a lunatic…but…still no solo, that gets left to Robyn to get the crowd up to another level.

Tonight was also a night for dedications as we see a drumstick and drum head handed out in appreciation but for me it was all about “ Wait For you”. Earlier that week I had went to the band to ask if they would do a dedication to my amazing woman and they instantly said yes. Another reason I love this band is how down to earth, humble, honest and genuinely nice as well as grateful they are for everything they have, You just need to listen to the lyrics of “This Life” to know where this band comes from.

So as well as making my night and turning an already brilliant gig into a lifetime memory we got to see Rich get a bit uncomfortable and hot under the collar as he lets another male audience member know that he loves him.

I can never get enough of this band which is why I will be travelling shortly to Camden Rocks and Download so if you are at either of these events make sure you check them out. They are a fantastic live band, a brilliant bunch of people and take it from me this will not be the last time they are playing at festivals such as Download…and the future holds the main stage for them and as the years pass the bands above them in the roster will become fewer and fewer.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Stone Broken, The Garage

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