Stoneface @ The Cathouse, Glasgow May02


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Stoneface @ The Cathouse, Glasgow


Stoneface @ The Cathouse, Glasgow

I have been looking forward to this one for some time. The boys(did I really just call them boys?) have done the hard graft in this business for a long time and due to that you never get an under par performance.

Before we got to the headliners there were a couple of support bands tonight which had to be whipped up quickly as the previously booked bands couldn’t make it or just decided Glasgow was far too scary so decided to break up before this show.

Unfortunately I only caught the openers as they finished off their set so I am afraid I cannot comment on Black King Kobra who had only performed a few live shows but speaking to the people here tonight they went down as treat.

I was front and centre for Saints Of Arcadia and I can assure you I would have been mightily pissed off if I had missed them. This four piece from Geordie land(who will always get a warm welcome in Scotland) played a blinder. This was my first time catching the band and it will definitely not be my last. This is hard rock as it was meant to be heard and from where it all originated from…the good old UK. They have all the hallmark of the classic bands, huge riffs, thunderous drums a whalloping bass and a vocalist who can send the testicles inside your body quicker than the best trained sumo wrestler could ever hope for.

I was seriously impressed by this bands set and what an incredible voice and range. The set was mainly their own material which stood up on its own merits but the one song that stood out for me was the cover of Immigrant Song. The fact that Nick had the balls to go for this one and pull it off to the point everyone was talking about it later lets you know just how good this mans vocal range is. I thoroughly recommend seeing this band live and if you live in the Glasgow area you do not have to wait long as they are headlining The Bungalow in paisley this Saturday…and it is free, what the hell are you waiting for people.

So it was finally time for Stoneface to play a hometown gig at The Cathouse, the home for rock and metal for more than 25 years. I have been attending this venue(and the original one) since it’s inception and I have seen some incredible performances on those stages by the bands that adorn the venues entrance stairs and I can assure you that Stoneface did not demean the name in any way and put in a performance worthy of any of the bands I had seen over the years.

The band have been working on new material for some time and I am one of the lucky ones to have heard demos of the new songs and here lies my reason for being so excited about tonights show. The new stuff sees the band take a much heavier direction with a very Sabbath edge. I did not have long to wait for the new songs as they opened with “Breathe”. The guitar comes at you a chainsaw and with new boy(I done it again ha ha) Alistair McMenemy knocking hell out of his kit you have a cracking slab of metal.

We get some older numbers before we hit another new one in “Prey” this is a distorted son of a bitch. Vocalist Stewart Storrie in one of his many t-shirts grabs the stoner feel with two hands and struts his stuff like a viking Jesus on that stage. His mop of hair flayling about like a fluffy halo. We should also be grateful he also made it to this stage after his life threatening encounter whilst on holiday( I don’t think I can ever forgive him for the camera loss…even if it was a Nikon).

Next up the band squeeze in a cracking version of “Slither” which gets the crowd singing along. It is well noted that the older songs are hand picked for this new and heavier direction, even to the point of leaving out the song(I won’t mention the name) that everyone knows and loves but the set was so strong it went by hardly unnoticed(nearly). Next up takes the heavy to the next level and if I do not mistake the lyrics “Spittin’ Blood” is fighting talk( school gates at 4PM fuckers). The guitars grinds you down like a garot and the bass whacks you like a sledgehammer.

The guys finish on a flurry of new songs in “Bleed” and my favourite new track in “ The Priestess”. This song could travel the world on the airwaves it is that good. This is the song that should get the video treatment and be pushed as much as possible as this song could break the whole scene for them.

The last two tracks are both covers in “Fortunate Son” and “ Don’t Believe A Word” and they topped this set of to perfection. I love Stoneface’s new direction and reckon this could just be the start for kicking them into full throttle and finally get people to sit up and pay attention. This band deserve a break for all those hours put in, all those stages played and for sticking with it and believing in themselves and this music we all love so much.

There is only one critical point I can make…Stewart, forget this inner woman crap going on, no excuses with this beard trimming garbage, always remember the old viking saying…what do you call a man without a beard…a woman!!!

Images and review Ritchie Birnie


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