Chris Holmes Northampton Jun26


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Chris Holmes Northampton

Loud, louder, loudest


A mid-week gig is uncommon for us, but when Chris Holmes and his Mean Man tour are visiting your local rock bar – the King Billy at Northampton, what choice do you have?!


Kicking off the night were American visitors Bob Dee with Petro. The New Yorkers are currently touring the UK and got the night off to a great rocking start.


Second up were Still Remains UK – a great local band with a huge following. With Andy Green on guitar, Pacey on bass, Miles Goodman on guitar (previously with Soldier) and Ethan Durrant on drums performed a short but storming set. Andy was also the organiser of the evening’s gig, as Blackbush Promotions.



They were followed by Stormbringer. I’ve wanted to see them for a long time, and they really didn’t disappoint – storming, driving metal and looking forward to their new album, which will be released soon.


Alexa de Strange is the main support on this tour with her melodic operatic rock, and her energetic bassist drew the eye with his old-school low-slung bass style.


And the main act – Chris Holmes, ex-WASP, who really finished off the evening with a bang. Reminded me of being at a Motorhead gig – louder than anything else! And definitely, as other fans said, the loudest they’d ever heard at the Billy. They came on so late that the audience was small, but appreciative. Loved the way he invited fans on stage for one song towards the end of their set, which had been a cataglogue of WASP songs, with some new songs from Mean Man. The vocalist, Tom, was even better than Blackie (well, certainly better than the last time we saw him at Bloodstock – it looked like he was miming), and, as a photographer, great to shoot with his double-headed guitar and beard jewels! They finished the evening with a cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World, sending everyone home happy and deaf!


Carol Henson (aka LadyGigger) and Dave Martin

Chris Holmes Northampton

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