Devilskin lays waste to Ireland Jun12


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Devilskin lays waste to Ireland


Devilskin lays waste to Ireland

Devilskin are not a band to sit back and take it easy, no, they are constantly pushing barriers and themselves to take their brutally melodic metal to the masses and now it is Ireland’s turn.

Having caught Devilskin on every tour in the UK so far it was time for me to make a trip across the water, catch up with some old friends and see what all the fuss is about this place called Limelight. As is usual when I decide to travel to gigs there is always something thrown at me to make things a bit more difficult and today it was watching my plane coming in to land with a smashed windscreen and covered with blood…how metal is that?

Now as much as the scene looked like a cracking album cover it meant this plane was not going back out any time soon and going by the fact it was already 5.30PM things were going to start getting a bit tight. All was not lost though as we were stuck in a shuttle bus and taken to the darkest depths of the airport to what could only be described as a well dodgy replacement, this plane did not look like it had flown since world war two.

The fear was shut down, the headphones were in and I was off. Twenty minutes later I was in a taxi informing the driver to drive as fast as was legally allowed and before long I was outside The Limelight…who hadn’t even opened its doors yet.

Looking around the crowd it was evident this was all about the headliners Airbourne but I did catch the odd Devilskin T-Shirt so we all got chatting and headed down the front…it might have been a small army at the start but it was still an army.

I was loving the venue and even happier that Devilskin were going to pop my Limelight cherry in seconds.The lights went down, The male members of the band trouped out(with the army screaming as loud as possible) and the music started. As “Elvis” kicked off with those thundering bass and drums “Jennie” strolled onto the stage, grabbed the C02 gun and sprayed everywhere.

As much as I wanted to focus on the band I had to look around the crowd and people were definitely paying attention, this may seem far fetched in Ireland but people actually stopped drinking when they Heard Jen do her thing. I am sure that everyone has the same reaction when they first hear this woman live, I know I stood with mouth agape for quite some time the first time.

The band were not going to let up now they had your attention and burst into “House 13”. It was brilliant to see the band on a decent sized stage as previous gigs for me were a much smaller affair in Glasgow, the bearded bad asses were on fire ripping up the stage and how Nail never ended up in the crowd I have no idea. He was roaming the monitors like Godzilla.

In Black” was next up and the thundering machine gun staccato continued at full force. This homage to the metal world(what do you mean there are other colours?) was the perfect reflection to pretty much any gig. Already I realise this is the best I have ever seen the band. With the boys a little worse for ware from the antics the previous night in Dublin and Jen feeling the jet lag you could have easily expected a slow and steady lead into the show but slow and steady just isn’t part of Devilskin’s vocabulary. As with every show they went for the jugular.

As “Never See The Light” started the Irish punters had decided “ shit, this lot are damned good” and there was a real push to the front and once there and “ Start A Revolution” came on it was time for chaos. I had heard the Irish loved Airbourne big time(which was very evident later on) but they took Devilskin to their hearts tonight but with such ass kicking songs like “Pray”, “Vessel” and “Little Pills” how can you not be impressed? The band is super tight and with Jen on vocals Devilskin has the tools to take over the world, they sure as hell took over Ireland. As “Violation” faded in your ears and the band were taking in their well earned cheers they vowed to be back and I know this crowd will hold them to it.

As usual the band hung out at the merch stand and there was plenty of interest with Manager James looking very busy selling goods and the band doing lots of photos. Tonight was another tick in the box, another country won over, more fans for life who were clutching copies of both CDs and were in for a real treat when they sat down and listened to them.

So with Ireland ticked off it was time for some more drinks then an early flight the next day for a video shoot then the big one, yes, Devilskin are heading to Castle Donnington and Download festival for the first time. This band may well be the biggest thing in their home country(well apart from sheep and that little known rugby team that is about to hand The British and Irish Lions their asses three times on the trot shortly) but that is not enough, oh no, piece by piece, just like a jigsaw they are slowly gathering countries and fans like it is going out of fashion and they deserve every last part of the story that is unfolding. For me they are the best band to emerge in the last decade and I have a funny feeling Download will become a home away from home and within two years they will be on that mainstage.


Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Devilskin, Belfast

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