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Mothership (with support from Pearl Handled Revolver) – 25th June 2017

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Mothership (with support from Pearl Handled Revolver) – 25th June 2017


Having spent the weekend in Cambridgeshire, music free, on the way home to the wilds of Northamptonshire we decided to come back via Milton Keynes and visit the Craufurd Arms at Wolverton because we’d seen the support band at HRH Blues and wanted to see more.


We weren’t disappointed: Pearl Handled Revolver were a last minute addition to the bill after Phil Rudd cancelled his gig for that night but a lot of loyal fans (including me!) had travelled over to Wolverton to catch their early set.


If you like tight, rocking blues then definitely go and see them: performing songs from their most recent album, If The Devil Casts His Net, had the crowd shouting for more with their energetic lead singer, Lee Vernon, flinging himself around the stage.


Unfortunately I missed the next band, Poseidon, due to circumstances beyond my control but I was back in to see the arrival of Mothership on the first night of the UK leg of their European tour.


Superb heavy classic rock blasting out to a good crowd for a Sunday night, both the appreciative crowd and the band had a fantastic time and I’d definitely recommend getting out to see them on this tour if you can: they’re only  in the UK until next weekend, the 1st July.

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