Dirty Thrills – Law Man (Single – Radio Edit) Jul13


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Dirty Thrills – Law Man (Single – Radio Edit)


Dirty Thrills – Law Man (Single – Radio Edit)

I must admit that I had not yet heard of the London rock quartet Dirty Thrills, until this new single from their upcoming album dropped into my pigeon hole – hot off the press before the album hits.

At first listen, the single track Law Man blossoms with charisma, the vocals of Louis James are both breathtaking and hypnotic in equal measure – I didn’t actually think it was a gent at the helm to begin with such is his impressive vocal range. His vocal prowess is akin to the likes of legendary Gun ‘n’ Roses front-man Axl Rose or newcomer on the scene, Hannes Kett from Shiraz Lane.

The song starts immediately with a strong riff and the powerful vocals, an addictive walking bass hook weaving along in the background. All the instrumentation is absolutely astonishing, slotting together perfectly; the track flowing impeccably in a tight, cohesive manner right from start to finish.

The radio edit at just over three minutes is perfect for a time slot in a packed radio show, yet the album version is a whole minute longer – and really benefits from this extra time in my opinion, with a longer intro, more chunky bluesy instrumentation and ear-shattering vocals; with a stunning guitar fill towards the initial end point of the aforementioned radio edit.

Although the band was rumoured to have been formed after a successful drunken jam night in a lonely Wiltshire village, their strong cohesive melodies and vocals pack a serious punch. With big festivals such as Camden Rocks, Wildfire Festival and Ramblin’ Man Fair all clambering over one another to get Dirty Thrills on the roster; it comes as no surprise to me considering this four-piece’s fresh sound and explosive charisma. They truly are a band to watch, Dirty Thrills will be bringing sexy back to rock ‘n’ roll.

Niki Flynn