Hell in the Club – We are on Fire (single) Jul23


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Hell in the Club – We are on Fire (single)


Hell in the Club – We are on Fire (single)

Hell in the Club are an Italian hard rock/heavy metal band who are beginning to make an impact in the European music scene thanks to the previous successes tied to the names of their bassist Andy Burrato from progressive metal band Secret Sphere, and their vocalist Dave Moras of folk/power metal band Elvenking.

They have already toured extensively in Europe and the UK with bands like Crashdiet, Jettblack and Crucified Barbara and have made appearances at festivals such as Sonisphere and Basin Fire Festival; and they are hitting the scene again with new album ‘See You on the Dark Side’ – out September 15th.

Their new single and video from this upcoming album was released in June, titled We Are on Fire. Getting straight into the track, it slams to a start with a heavy riff and a distinctive hair metal vocals, at the higher end of the tonal range. Although the song is only 2:44 long, it is filled wall-to-wall with power; energy and hooky riffs.

The chorus is slightly repetitive but catchy, and really gets the listener jamming to the vibes. The guitars are strong and cleanly produced, melding perfectly with the drums and the bass – although the drums could have been turned up a bit more in production, as the snare is slightly tinny and the crash cymbals are too isolated in their sound.

Although the track is largely tedious, it is extremely appealing; and if the track listing I have been provided is to be the final cut, it serves well as an intro song for an album of the same fiery tones. As a single on its own, it has potential – but it is maybe not strong enough to stand on its own, it my opinion.

In summary, Hell in the Club definitely sounds like they would be a band I would like to listen to – but I definitely want to hear the whole album. Indeed maybe this track is in fact a clever ploy to get me to listen to what else this band have to offer. I guess they have indeed caught my attention hook, line and sinker. I will most certainly be checking out this album once it is launched in September, and I will await the release with baited breath. I just hope this band do not use their names and resumes to pass off an otherwise sub-standard album.

Verdict: to be continued…

Niki Flynn