Last Alibi Debut single Vice City Jul14


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Last Alibi Debut single Vice City


Last Alibi Debut single Vice City

2017? not according to Glasgow four piece Last Alibi. This bunch of mostly youngsters(sorry Allen, we cannot escape facts) came into my sights last year and instantly had me paying attention.

For me they took me back to my favoured decade of rock/metal in the 80s. The band conjour up everything I loved about that era, they manage to squeeze in sleaze,hair, a little dab of NWOBHM and some smoky, bar room blues. Take your pick of 80s bands and you will find a little tinge reflected in this bands music and as much as everyone will probably throw the name The Quireboys at you on the first listen for me they are more akin to a lesser known band in Shotgun Messiah(aaaah, now that takes me back).

It has taken the guys a while to get anything recorded and up to this date they have been playing with nothing to show or promote but with “Vice City” that is about to change. It starts with a killer riff from far too talented Andy Christie before it sinks into the chewing glass vocals of Jamie Ramage. This is just a stonking tune and being released at the same time as L.A. Guns new track Speed we better face up to the fact that the 80s is never going to leave the rock/metal scene.

The song has a hook that will sink into your brain and have you tapping your toes in seconds, shortly followed by some air guitar and some Motley Crue poses. A debut release is all about a statement and this baby throws down a gauntlet like no other. I knew the band were excellent live but sometimes it is difficult to get that attitude down on a recording but they ace it and have something to be very proud about as I have to say this is one of the best debut singles I have heard in a very long time.

I really do hope this kicks off the bands career and lets them take that step to bigger and better things. I have no doubt that if this was the 80s this track would be on every rock radio station in the states and if it came with a video it would be on heavy rotation on MTV(yes kiddies, they did once upon a time play music).

Give the single a listen, support them live if you can and please help spread the word.

Vice City is released on 15/7/17 and is available on Itunes, Spotify,Deezer,Google play and Woolworths(shit, its not the 80s, scrub that one) and all good outlets. Give the band a like on

Vice City in Last Alibi’s own words

This has been a long time coming.  We decided to make this our debut single as it was the first song Jamie and Andy Christie wrote together a few years ago.  We recruited my old friend Callum to join the band on drums. We went  through a few different bassists while writing the other songs and doing our first gigs as Last Alibi but we where having trouble finding someone who was committed and reliable.

 We finally found Allen Bell who is not just committed and reliable but an incredible bassist and he has added to our sound greatly.  Since he joined we’ve been able to push forward as a band and really get things going.

Vice City was recorded at Gargle Blast Studios in Hamilton

Band members

Jamie Ramage – Vocals/Lyrics
Andy Christie -Guitars
Allen Bell – Bass/backing vocals
Callum Flint – Drums

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