Massive at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle 18.07.2017. Jul19


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Massive at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle 18.07.2017.

Massive at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle 18.07.2017.

The Aussie four some rolled into Newcastle on the 4th leg of their ‘Destination Somewhere’ tour. Opening with a few tracks from their previous album ‘Full Throttle’ they set out their no nonsense hard hitting Aussie R&R attitude, much in the same vein as other Oz stalwarts, AC/DC and Airbourne you knew you were in for in solid heavy night; ‘Hollywood’, ‘Bring Down the City’ followed by ‘One by One’.

Throwing in a couple from ‘Destination Somewhere’ in the shape of ‘Blood Money Blues’ and ‘Dancefloor’ and re-introducing the newly re-joined lead Guitarist – Ben Laguda and jokingly explaining his hiatus had been due to 9 months in prison, this hard working very talented, partying quartet could have been playing to an nigh on empty room or a packed venue, you could sense they were just enjoying themselves, 4 lads having a great time in the UK and accompanied by their antipodean colleagues, the all-female Tequila Mockingbyrd and England’s Black Cat Bones. The gig culminating in all 3 bands, 12 bodies all on a very small stage pounding out their rendition of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell along of course with everyone in the crowd.

Even transport problems didn’t stop them taking the opportunity for a joke. I bought a CD at the desk and noted the sale list as CD – £12, Drumstick – £10, Tee shirt – £15, Tour Van – £3500.

You can’t knock the Oz sense of humour, it’s very British, fuck it, it’s happened, get on with it, laugh about it.

To anyone wondering if they should go to see them, my advice is yes. Anyone attending Amplified Festival, take time out to visit these guys you will not be disappointed.

Set list.

  1. Hollywood – Full Throttle.
  2. Bring down the City – Full Throttle.
  3. One by One – Full Throttle.
  4. Blood Money Blues– Destination Somewhere
  5. Dancefloor – Destination Somewhere
  6. Best of Both Worlds – Full Throttle.
  7. Burn the Sun – Full Throttle.
  8. Ghost – Full Throttle.
  9. Calm before the Storm –  New single.
  10. ???
  11. Now or Never – Full Throttle
  12. AC/DC Highway to Hell – all 3 bands.

Massive are:-

Brad Marr – Vocals, Guitar.

Jarrod Medwin, Drums.

Aiden McGarrigle – Bass.

Ben Laguda – Lead.


Tony Burgum – Concert Photography – General Photography.





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