Silver Dust – Sun-soaked Album Release gig in L’Ouchettaz, Villeneuve Jul13


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Silver Dust – Sun-soaked Album Release gig in L’Ouchettaz, Villeneuve


Silver Dust – Sun-soaked Album Release gig in L’Ouchettaz, Villeneuve

With their second studio album ‘The Age of Decadence’, having been released in European markets on 23rd June; the concert at L’Ouchettaz in Villeneuve on the 24th June – across the bay from the site of the infamous Montreux Jazz Festival – was a fitting release party for it. With stunning lake views and set in a scenic green park; the sunlit, covered stage is somewhat of a juxtaposition in comparison to the dark, Gothic nature of Silver Dust and their theatrics.

The show begins in an explosion of energy, as the guitarist Tiny Pistol and bassist Kurghan leap onto stage, thundering into Welcome – the intro song from ‘Age of Decadence’ – before a bellowing metal roar lets us know that singer and guitarist Lord Campbell is now on stage and ready to rock. Their set list covers most of the songs from ‘Decadence’, but a couple of tracks from first album ‘Lost in Time’ – such as So Let Me Now and Call the Nation – also feature to spice things up a little more.

With all tracks being such a pleasure to behold on stage, it is hard to choose just a few that really make the show what it is because they all do their own part immeasurably. If I were to select a few songs that are my personal highlights of a Silver Dust live show, then I would mention My Heart is My Savior, first and foremost as it is a beautiful piece often delivered impeccably; Lord Campbell’s guitar solo casts a special resonance with me as it is based on a piece interwoven with my childhood and to watch it is a joy; the haunting acoustic piece Forgive Me for its timeless charm and Judgement Day for many reasons, but namely for the astonishingly heavy beat and the captivating, amusing percussion excerpt towards the end which never ceases to raise a smile in the bewitched audience.

I have seen Silver Dust nine times now, and still the band continues to amaze me after every viewing, with their jaw-dropping visuals and other-worldly skills on their instruments. Each member showcases these talents in their dedicated solo pieces like Kurghan’s slamming bass interlude or Lord Campbell’s mesmerising guitar solo featuring a spin on Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor; the appearance of ghastly ghouls on stage and the ominous Organist. The theatrics, the actors, and the energy that the band convey on stage is like an addiction to drugs – it is never enough just to have one dose; repeat prescriptions are the only way. One unfortunate absence from this otherwise stellar set list is the extraordinary drum solo of Mr Killjoy – having injured his hand at an earlier gig of his other band Seriously Serious – yet he does not let the injury hamper him; still gunning the drum beats with gusto.

The unusual setting for this show is a slight departure from the clubs and venues this Gothic rock band straight out of Tim Burton-verse usually plays. However, with free attendance in such a public forum, it can only do wonders for this band – the evidence as seen after the show with a positive frenzy around the merch table; Silver Dust having captured the attention of many new and old fans alike in this cabaret gratuit.

This band is starting to take Europe by force, and if you still have not checked them out then please do – tout suite. With ‘The Age of Decadence’ now on release throughout Europe thanks to Fastball Music and Soulfood Music Distribution; and the first album ‘Lost in Time’ still available through Swiss label Escudero, there is no better time to discover the glorious world of Silver Dust.

Niki Flynn

The Age of Decadence is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, CD and Vinyl and from