Tequila Mockingbyrd at Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle. Jul23


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Tequila Mockingbyrd at Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle.

Tequila Mockingbyrd at Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle.

Back in February this year I missed this trio when they played with Bonafide due to my malfunctioning car. This time it sounds like it’s their turn for mechanical issues with their tour bus but more importantly they managed to get to Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle alongside Massive and Black Cat Bones. If their tour bus had the same work horse attitude and power output as this Aussie / Brit female trio it would do well at Le Mans. It might not win but it will get them around.

With a newly revamped line up, it must be hellishly difficult for a trio to lose 2 members and be up and running in a matter of months and yet still sound as though they haven’t skipped a beat.  This may have been bolstered by the fact this was also a tour based on their first album release and ‘Fight and Flight’ which is quite frankly a masterpiece. IMO It’s as good as any debut album from anyone.

Opening their  8 song slot with ‘Money Tree’ then ‘Never go Home’; If I had a criticism and it’s not really a criticism, Never Go Home should be a final track, if not on the CD but on any gig. Lyrics like ‘One last time before we have to go’,’ One last shot before we fall apart’ to me ends a night, it is a fantastic ‘Anthem’ and instantly recognisable and you will soon grasp the words and sing along; it will be there long into the repertoire as much as Bohemian Rhapsody was for Queen, it is an absolute classic in the making, oh and watch the YouTube video it has a daft ditty dance. I must have played it 20x on YouTube the night before the gig, it’s addictive.

Flowing into ‘Why are we still friends’? Good explanation given it’s about your ‘Ex’s’ your Ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, transpose a few words and it applies to all.

‘This Ain’t Dead’ slows it down a bit but is a lovely Bluesy ballad but this doesn’t last long as ‘Somebody put something in my drink’ gets back to the full open throttle feeling. It’s a shame this set is coming to an end as the penultimate song is ‘Good Time’ and it is appropriately entitled as that is what we were all there for, going back to my comments on ‘Never Go Home’ this would be a gig opener as it states why we are here, again in my opinion.

Finally there is only 1 song left and what a way to close with ‘I smell Rock n Roll’. The Australian government sent these girls to the Middle East in 2015……a fucking war zone!!!!………….to cheer the troops up. What a stroke of genius, I love the Aussie attitude, if only Churchill and Hitler had the same idea we could have head banged each other to see who were the best; mind you Iron Maiden v Rammstein if they had been around would have been one hell of a contest.

This album is so good I am going to state that it will not be beaten by the T’Byrds; but that’s not a bad thing GnR still play Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City, Civil War etc. AC/DC under Brian Johnson still rely on Back in Black with Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, Rock n Roll ain’t noise Pollution, et all. T’Byrds you have as solid a foundation as a pyramid, how high you climb and at how steep and angle is up to you, but rise you will.

Set list:-

  1. Money tree.
  2. Never go home.
  3. Tell Me.
  4. Why are we still friends.
  5. This ain’t Dead.
  6. Somebody put something in my drink.
  7. Good time .
  8. I smell Rock and Roll.

Tequila Mockingbyrd are:-

Louisa Baker – Vocals

Josie O’Toole – Drums.

Jacinta Jaye – Bass




Tequila Mockingbyrd At Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle.

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