Touche Amore + Turnover – Live in Adelaide Jul19


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Touche Amore + Turnover – Live in Adelaide


There’s really no better way to spend a cold Tuesday night in Adelaide than rocking out at Fowler’s to an array of local and international bands. By the time the Touche Amore + Turnover Australian tour made it to Adelaide they had been hyped up by everyone n the Aussie music scene, so the bar had been set pretty high.

The night was kicked off by local melodic hardcore band, Hindsight, who gave the interstate and overseas acts a warm Adelaide welcome. Easily one of the best bands Adelaide has produced recently, the 5-piece band sure showed the crowd why they’ve made such a mark on the music scene this year. Despite Adelaide fans being typical Adelaide fans and not arriving early enough to support the local scene, Hindsight sure got the crowd warmed up with frontman Jack Nelligan captivating the crowd by literally throwing himself around the stage and into the crowd (missing me by about half a metre). Anyone who showed up late really missed out on a killer set including tracks like Disposable Paradise and Lifeless Sleep. Concluding their set with Loveover, the Adelaide locals set the bar high for the bands to follow.

Next up was Sydney’s own Endless Heights, who finished their leg of the national tour here in Adelaide (sorry Perth). Playing some old favourites like Pray I Fade and two brand new, unreleased tracks, the Sydneysiders gave us everything they had. As a first-time listener, I was pleasantly surprised that the band had more to them than just Joel Martorana’s unique stage presence. All in all, a good set.

Changing up the pace a little, Turnover took the stage. As the room that had just been pathetically empty began to fill with diehard fans of the Virginia-based band, I had high expectations as a first time Turnover listener. Let me just say that they exceeded even my highest expectations. Though they seemed slightly out of place on a line-up full of heavy bands, the mellowed out set was definitely a highlight of the show. Taking a break from the otherwise heavy line-up, the international rock group serenaded us with tracks including Humming and Cutting My Fingers Off. Despite never having listened to Turnover before, I instantly became a diehard fan after hearing vocalist, Austin Getz’s unique indie-rock sound. When everyone said “no seriously, you’re gonna love Turnover they weren’t lying because seriously, I love Turnover! The set concluded with the hit track Dizzy on the Comedown, which had the crowd begging for more from them..

And finally, Touche Amore took to the stage belting out a bunch of hits including Flowers and You, Rapture and Benediction, sending the crowd back into a wild heavy frenzy. Unlike many vocalists who spend half their set talking/self-promoting, Jeremy Bolm let his talent do the talking throughout the set, wasting nobody’s time. The crowd eagerly sang along to every song, proving that the US headliners have definitely made a name for themselves here in little old Adelaide.

A major highlight of the Touche set was their humility throughout the performance, letting their music speak for itself rather than crowding the set with pointless banter and small talk. Smashing out 18 songs including Art and Honest in the back-to-back-to-back set, the California band had something for every member of their ever growing fan base in this performance.

Definitely one of the best gigs Fowlers has hosted recently, the Touche Amore show was one to remember. While the night was a great showcase of the budding talent in the music scene, it was also unfortunately a sad representation of the lack of support among Adelaide fans for their local scene. All in all, a great medley of everything the scene has to offer.

Reviewer – Lavender Baj.

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