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Voodoosix- Make Way For The King

Album Review

Voodoosix- Make Way For The King

Right off the bat I have to admit that it was I that requested this album to review and may well be biased as I have personal connections to Voodoo Six. Lead guitarist Matt who is an ex bandmate and good friend. That said……..I like to keep it true and tell it as I see it so be prepared for a no punches pulled review of their latest work ‘Make Way For the King’.

I have followed V6 through various incarnations and was a little reticent about listening to them with yet another vocalist…..BUT..within 30 seconds I had forgotten about all that nonsense and was just enjoying the pounding rhythms and heavenly melodies eminating from my studio monitors. Nik Taylor-Stokes gives V6 a whole new dimension, all the power is still there but there is an extra dimension to the song writing and a feeling that is so intoxicating and exciting.

The band took a trip to LA to record this album with the production duties falling to the amazing Tom Fletcher. I say it was a trip well worthwhile as they came home with an album full to the brim of quality songs that have a depth of meaning not previously realised and quality production to boot.

I am not going to take you track for track through this album but more try to describe the journey. That is what I feel we are on with this offering. We start out with balls to the wall rockers ‘Electric’ and the title track ‘Make Way For The King’ both giving us the rich riff goodness that only comes from a quality guitarist like Mr Pearce, (yes I am biased but for fucks sake just listen, you WILL get it).  That said, Joe Lazarus on drums and the boss Mr Tony Newton on bass are one of THE best rock rhythm sections I have heard in a long time. They are musicians of the highest regard and so integral to the sound of V6.

‘Let me Walk’ starts to show us the depth of songwriting on offer. The riffs are still there but a whole new depth of feeling is introduced, tell me you didn’t tap your foot and I call you a liar. Why is this band not huge, they have supported both Iron Maiden and British Lion in the very recent past as well as their own tours,  or is this just a reflection of the music industry at the moment.

‘Until the End’ gives us all that is great with modern rock today, heavy riffs  and an oh so melodic chorus, pure magic. ‘The Choking’ takes things down a notch or two , adding even further to the various directions and influences of.  We are abruptly woken back into rock grooves that you can’t help moving to. ‘Walk a Mile’, the amazing ‘Wasteland’ as well as ‘Swept Aside’ lead us to the end of what has been a very interesting up and down journey.

My own personal opinion is that, finally I have heard the real Voodoo Six, no ego’s just about the music and fuck me what a difference it makes. This is pure and simply an honest rock album with depth and breadth in the songwriting that is up there with the best and deserves to be noticed in a big way.


Simon Larkin

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