Live Review: Real Friends, Columbus, Harbours in Adelaide Aug08


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Live Review: Real Friends, Columbus, Harbours in Adelaide


Live Review: Real Friends, Columbus, Harbours in Adelaide

Reviewer- Kirsten Grant. It’s a Wednesday night and it’s a five band bill topped by the US of A band Real Friends. We last saw them back in 2015 but we are back again in Adelaide for the, ‘Home Inside my Head’ tour. I’ve sauntered in, unfortunately missing the first two bands on the bill, but just in time to see Harbours take the stage – a stage that used to be fronted by a barrier but is now barrierless – with a nice, friendly crowd already hanging off the stage monitors. Time to get the camera out and make my way through the audience.

Harbours are a five-piece from Melbourne and obviously a crowd favourite from the get go. It’s easy to understand why as they play smart, punky-alt-rock that is so of the moment, just perfect for this bill. Only three songs, that I could count anyway, and they were all from the Nothing Stays the Same album. If you haven’t heard this yet, you should check it out, as it’s an absolute steal at AUD$5. Shout out to lead singer Tory for being so open about mental health and starting the discussion. Great set, audience loved it and the band deserve to be noticed. Get that album!!!!

Next up we have three piece Columbus from Brisbane who are now probably closer to punk than they ever were and less of the emo tag that was hurled their way in the early days. Nine songs in the set for this band who we last saw at Unify where they took their performance up a notch. Round about that point they won the record deal and from there the band have just kept on pushing the sound. It’s an awesome set tonight and highlight for me is Downsides of Being Honest, which originally had the guest vocals by John Floreani of Trophy Eyes, but this time vocal was handled by Daniel of Ambleside. The set closes with Raindrops and I’ll have to take it back, Columbus are still a bit emo, but immense every time I’ve seen them. Harbours, then Columbus; two great bands with flawless sets.

So, let’s close the night with our US chums Real Friends. Last saw the pop punkers in 2015 but remember them first from Soundwave in 2014. This band like a chat and we learned loads of stuff! This tour was to promote the new album Home Inside my Head and it’s a full set of new stuff and the classics. Tonight the band were on fire and gave us eighteen songs in the main set and an encore. No big deal getting an encore in the metal or rock world but at pop punk gigs its normally all gone in a blur, the ugly lights come on and we shuffle out to the street. Nope! Real Friends do encores. Songs of the night were Floorboards, Late Nights in my Car and the closer Mess. Hard to pick a favourite but Mess was pretty special on the night and the crowd hung on every word. Then, from nowhere, the encore of Summer and it’s an easy one for the band with the audience taking up the challenge. Top work by the bubbly Mr HaveaChat on lead vocals, as Dan again raised the spectre of mental health and the more people who talk about this illness the more we can remove the stigma.

Awesome night from a great line up. Let’s not leave it too long until we do it again.

Real Friends

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