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Manifold debut single, Stop Teasin’


Manifold debut single, Stop Teasin’

Manifold have been slowly bubbling away in their hometown of Glasgow, with support slots alongside L.A Guns and Mean Man, Chris Holmes under their belt people are beginning to notice. They are soaked in late 80s hair metal with that who gives a shit attitude and with songs that will make you smile and rock your ass off.

Having seen the boys many time over the last two years I feel as if I know them inside out but without a recording you are never going to break out so I was delighted to see this single pop into my inbox.

It kicks in with a very early Crue riff before hitting the licks and throwing the battering ram of bass and drums at you. Singer CJ sounds like a mix of Vince Neil(before the voice got up and left) and Bon Scott at his whisky soaked best.

With a name like Stop Teasin’ you are not going down the route of political enlightenment, oh no, this song is about fun all the way. It really deserves a video along the lines of girls,girls,girls but we will need to wait for that shit. It captures the vibe of the sunset strip back in those heady days where every band that hit the limelight seemed to be from L.A. uptempo, totally un PC and brilliant. It takes you back to the days when every video on MTV included a scantily clad lady who if they were lucky(or maybe not) got to marry the singer(‘eres a song for your Miss kitaen).

This song was well chosen as the band’s debut as it is really accessible and will appeal to many old school fans but hold on there folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg as the full EP is on the horizon and having heard it all you are in for a treat so we could very well say to the guys Stop Teasin’ and get it out there(oooer missus).

The single goes on sale on 18/8/17 from all the usual outlets so go give this band a try, you will not be disappointed and I can assure you there is a hell of a lot more to come from Manifold. If you are local to Glasgow make sue you do not miss their EP launch on 8/9/17 at 02, ABC. They have also booked some cracking support bands in Black king Cobra and Magic Trik.

Manifold In Their Own Words

Stop Teasin’ is the first official single released by Glasgow’s own, Manifold. And, as you’ve guessed, it’s about exactly what you think it is. This debut shows of what the band do best, with wailing guitars, a catchy choruses and innuendoes lyrics, it really is one of those tracks you’ll catch yourself singing along to while completing the mundane tasks of the day. With this release Manifold truly have Stopped Teasin’ us and started to deliver the goods.

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