Broken Witt Rebels @ SWG3, Glasgow Sep29


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Broken Witt Rebels @ SWG3, Glasgow


Broken Witt Rebels @ SWG3, Glasgow

A last minute, two date appearance in Glasgow by BWR had me a little more than excited. Everything was cancelled as I made sure I was attending the last night of this short tour supporting the 125th Anniversary of Jack Daniels Red Dog saloon.

Tonight was a free show with a difference, a show where they threw free Jack Daniels down your throat in any concoction and mixed it in with food all done with Jack Daniels sauce. This made for a very mixed audience but the BWR fans were spotted a mile away, whereas the freeloaders(and mostly students) were here for the drink, food and some good old craic. It did get a tad annoying at times as they thought it was fine to talk through the whole show and when the drink got the better of them their attempts at dancing kept a smile on everyone’s face, not least the band.

But lets take that out of the equation and I can bet my last dollar that every BWR fan walked out of there with a huge smile on their face and the most money in their pocket after any gig.

I make no bones about my love for this band, for me they are one of the best unsigned bands in the UK, a status they want to hang onto as they have decided to go it alone again for their debut album which according to the band will be released midway through their headline tour starting in October. You have no idea how excited I am about this and with some tasters of the new songs tonight you should get off your ass and pre order that baby.

The set as always opens with “Low” and if this does not get you hooked straight away I am taking it your head has been severed from your body and you have not one ounce of good taste left. That heavy, laid back intro should get anyone grooving and when singer Danny Core releases his incredibly unique voice you should be won over instantly.

This band know how to do good old Rock ‘N’ Roll like no one on the circuit. They should have been born and bred in Nashville or the deep south. The music is up to date but steeped in 60/70s. I think this band would have even made Elvis sit up and pay attention…even I it was to give Danny some dancing lessons.

This group of talented young men may only have three EP’s out but they could play a setlist that lasted three hours plus and with enough unreleased material to put out two full length albums with ease the fans have a lot to look forward too.

Broken Witt Rebels just get better with each show, the amount of gigs they play sees this lot become tighter on any size of stage and when they are support they often outshine the headliners. As well as becoming a more complete band they are growing and building to the point they really are ready to take the world by storm. Each show sees Danny pick up the guitar less and less(even more-so tonight considering it wasn’t even plugged in). He is becoming the rounded frontman who has the potential to be standing in front of this band on the biggest stages right across this planet.

Tonight was another tick in the box to stardom and it is a pleasure to watch them as they grab an audience by the throat and win over new fans night after night. Do not miss their rise to fame, get on board now and enjoy the journey with them.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie


Broken Witt Rebels @ SWG3, Glasgow

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