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EP Review : Mercury Sky – Infra


EP Review : Mercury Sky – Infra

Brace yourselves because Sydney-siders, Mercury Sky are back at it again this September with their second EP, Infra.

After touring their debut self-titled EP extensively with bands like Bellusira and Breaking Orbit, the 5-piece prog-rockers have hit the studio to conjure up another hit EP.

Continuing to work with Dave Petrovic, the producer who helped develop their debut EP, the Sydney locals have six new tracks to drop on the new EP, set for release on September 22. If the producer of Tonight Alive and Northlane wasn’t enough to convince you that this EP is going to be dope, surely the fact that it was mastered by Don Bartley, the sound engineer who worked with DAVID FREAKING BOWIE.

The group have matured emotionally and musically since their last EP, taking on more serious topics like political correctness, existentialism, social media and dealing with loss on Infra. Infra has also allowed the band to take more control of early production, resulting in an EP that truly has their heart and soul in every aspect.

The EP begins with ‘Sosonal’, which you’ve probably already heard as it was released back in 2015 as a single. This track is the perfect start to their sophomore EP, from Kay Thatch’s unique vocal talent to the seamlessly perfect guitar, this song jut sets the scene for a killer EP to follow.

Next up is ‘No True Scotsman’, which demonstrates a perfect combination of Kay Thatch’s lead vocals and Kieren Lovett’s backing vocals and guitar. The bridge is a definite highlight of this track, demonstrating that the boys in Mercury Sky can execute everything from soft vocals and acoustic guitars to all-round heaviness with ease, emphasising how much the band has grown since their debut EP. This track was a personal favourite of mine.

The third track, ‘PreCious’ continues the ‘this EP is f*cking fantastic’ vibe, with bass-heavy verses, unique vocals and A+ lyrics. Instrumentally, the track is a masterpiece to say the least but what’s even more captivating is the rollercoaster that is the vocals, with a perfect mixture of quiet whispers and heavier vocals, this song has it all.

Track four, ‘SleepDreamWake’, at first seems super out of place on this reasonably heavy EP, but it’s definitely one of those not-so-heavy tracks that gets you singing emotionally in the shower. The more toned-down track slows it down to remind you of the kind of music that probably got you into heavy music in the first place. Another highlight for sure.

‘Blue and Purple’ is yet another track that takes the EP on a rollercoaster musical journey, with Kay Thatch’s strong vocals backed by killer drumming from Kieran Berry, shocking right? Another great track on the EP.

And finally, the first song to be released yet the last on the record, ‘Nausea’. This song has already gained a heap of momentum in the scene, and it’s not surprising why, the track is a certified banger. I don’t even have words to describe it, so listen for yourself because this bad boy is already available for your listening pleasure.

There’s something perfectly chaotic about this EP. It’s heavy, but its delicate, it’s the same great sound that the band have previously given us, but it’s so, SO different. It’s pretty clear that the boys in Mercury Sky have upped the ante with this EP, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Reviewer:- Lavender Baj