Frankenbok and Friends – Live Thrashfest Sep11


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Frankenbok and Friends – Live Thrashfest

Frankenbok and Friends – Live Thrashfest

Reviewer Craig Grant. Big night with Frankenbok in town to launch their new album Vicious Lawless. The Melbourne heavyweights have Adelaide thrashers SE BON KI RA and Hidden Intent supporting them on a bill that will keep the metal fans happy. There’s a lot to be said about the quality of the Australian metal scene at the moment and these three bands are all pushing their take on the speed / thrash scene. All this and new tracks from Frankenbok means that it’s going to be a big night in front of a good and well-oiled crowd.

First up Hidden Intent are a three piece that play old school thrash. They do it with the tongue firmly in their cheek but that doesn’t diminish their passion or their ability to play. That self-effacing style reminds me a lot of Helloween and that’s where I first came across Hidden Intent in 2015, when they supported the German masters. That’s where the similarity stops because Hidden Intent just wind up and then let loose. Song of the night is Addicted to Thrash and it’s played like it’s the last song that they will ever play. Although I’ve seen them a few times the quality of the writing has got way better and there is more variation in the riffs. Can’t fault it, and neither can the Lich King, who has invited them on a forty-one date tour of the US. Probably come back an ever better band and I’m looking forward to see how these guys develop.

Next up is SE BON KI RA who, in my opinion, recorded one of the best Australian metal albums in the last ten years. That album, their only album, is In the Wake of Change, and it sounds as fresh as it did when it was released in early 2014. The blurb, and my review of this album back in the day, will tell you that this is grove metal but when played live I can hear Pantera’s Official Live: 101 Proof. Gets even simpler than that. When they get half way through the set its Fucking Hostile and by the end of the set it’s Suicide Note Part 2. This is a take no prisoners band. Perfectly pleasant people, but on stage it’s electric and chaotic. By the end of the night the first few rows have decided to slam dance their way through the final song. It’s all good. It was great to hear a new track from SE BON KI RA because their output isn’t the quickest with one EP and an album in almost ten years. This band doesn’t disappoint live but the next step will need an EP and getting out amongst it because there is too much imagination and power on show to stay still for too long. Anyone say Dimefest in Adelaide?

So, its Frankenbok time and here’s a band that don’t muck around. The Melbourne quintet are totally ruthless on stage. Promoting 36920517502_8745ebe146_zthe Vicious Lawless album we are keen to hear some new tracks but its Stalker Stalker that’s the stand out. It’s hectic up there. They like a chat but they have a thick sound that is bouncing off the walls and the crowd is up for it. Normally I have cracked the shits by this time about bands wearing their own merch but, no way, this is a super tight performance by a band that puts in the live performances, so I can hardly complain.

Watching these guys it’s obvious why they have stamped their name and authority all over the Australian music scene for so long now. They only play at one level and that’s over the top. It’s a sweat fest and they grind out song after song and the crowd are on every word. It’s a typical Frankenbok gig. Whether these guys played on the biggest stage or a shack it’s the same Frankenbok, no prisoners and going hard. Awesome show on the night and everyone I spoke to at the gig was raving about the new album Vicious Lawless. You can’t go wrong with either the album or a Frankenbok show. One of the best live bands in Australia for the last five years and unstoppable. Get the album then go hard or go home

Frankenbok And Friends € Live Thrashfest

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