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Grand Royale give us the Breaking News


Grand Royale give us the Breaking News

For all the cool kids out there that just need the facts then this album is for you. It has all the hallmarks of a classic, sure different from the bands other albums, but the Swedes have hammered out a classic here so toddle off and get your hands on one of the best releases of the year.

For those that like a bit more detail, the word is that Breaking News by Grande Royale is a straight up, rock album with solid riffs and thundering bass. It has more hooks than a bait shop and it is as progressive as it is vintage. Gang vocals, catchy choruses and killer lead vocals all add up to an album that really has to be in your collection.

The 70s US vibe starts with the album cover which is a beige-fest that has a strong feeling of one of those t-shirts that you buy at lakeside holiday camps called the ‘Something Something Retreat’. It’s understated and did I mention beige. Once you get the needle on the album then you get the idea that you can’t read a record by its cover. Breaking News is very different from the band’s debut album Cygne Noir released back in 2014 and the follow up No Fuss – A Piece by Resolute Men which was released a year later. It’s less frenetic for a start. The previous albums sounded hurried and at times felt forced, a bit samey here and there. But Breaking News is a different beast, so get settled on the shagpile and we’ll have a look at this awesome album.

Let’s kick off with Know It All which kicks off with a riff and a vocal that is high in the mix but echoes out across the track. It cuts into life when we get to the chorus and that’s a trend that runs through this entire album. It’s a good track and we would normally be pleased with that but then I’ve got the advantage of knowing just how good this album gets. You’ll be humming this one before the song ends! Next song Brake Light is pretty much the same but it punches your speakers in with a bass intro that drives this track forward. Here comes the next catchy chorus and you’ll be singing No Time to Lose, No Time to Lose for weeks to come. Once you listen to this album a few times you get really good at singing the first line then answering yourself in a slightly different pitch. Great guitar drills in to this track and it’s a rock out to the end. This track burrows deep into your ears and squats in your sub-conscious. Should come with a catchy-song health warning.

As this album goes on you get the vintage vibe and a much more relaxed and mature feeling than the first two albums. Devil’s Place and then the title track are both excellent and lock you in to go the distance with this album. No needle hopping to find the gems is required as this album has quality all the way through. Breaking News is a bit funkier than previous tracks, with thumping bass and jangling guitar. It’s one of my favourites so far. I say so far because I’ve listen to this album about thirty times and had about seven favourites. It closes out with a great solo and then back into the groove of the chorus. Just sublime.

Got to Move is a stellar track as well. Probably the most driven, punchy track on the entire album. Straight up rock with a chorus that dives into your ear and fights it out with the other Grand Royale choruses that have taken root. All gone in a few minutes but that track was on repeat for a while and it seems to bookend straight into One Second which is another rush to the finish line. You start to notice that there is little break between the tracks and it feels that this is a high energy mix because there is no point to take a breath. That’s some smart production work right there.

The closer in this ten track monster is I’m on the Loose and at over four minutes it’s one of the longer tracks on the album. If anything, the band have travelled even further back in time. It’s one of the easy listeners on the entire album but it does leave you wanting more and I have gone between this band and Ruby the Hatchet for the last two weeks trying to split them.

This is a beautiful piece of work. It’s smart, well put together, memorable music.

This album was produced by Nick Andersson, who also produced the Hellacopters, and you will hear some similarities here and there. No doubt this album with propel the band on yet another high energy tour. If they pull this quality out on stage then you are in for a belter of a gig. Well done to Sign Records for picking up Grande Royale and producing an album of this quality.

Bottom line, Breaking News should be in your collection