Manifold EP launch @ 02, ABC Sep16


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Manifold EP launch @ 02, ABC

This one seems like it has been a long time coming, I have been watching Manifold for a few years now, through two singers and all with nothing recorded…those days are now gone.

Tonight was also a celebration of Glasgow talent as we had four bands on offer but due to that dreaded word, Curfew it saw doors open at six so I missed Magic Trik and Mantis Toboggan(who had already packed up their PJs and hopped to another dimension by the time I arrived.

There was no way I was missing Black King Cobra however, as I caught them for the first time recently and I was impressed no end. The boys were onstage as I arrived and were well into their first number which tonight was entitled” Oh For Fuck Sake, What Else Can Go Wrong”. Ok, it is not really a song but it is a really good summation of the shit sandwich the boys were handed.

It really was a showcase for Sods law which saw drum issues, guitar issues, amp issues and even the toaster blew up. We even saw guitarist Ross Clark get electrocuted, not once but twice(I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere). Now as much as this sounds like the musicians nightmare the boys handled it with style(give or take the odd middle finger to the amp and some seriously confused faces) and played on…and played another blinder. I suspect there were even a few(maybe slightly inebriated) people in the crowd did not notice.

This band has something special, yes they have riffs, yes they have groove, yes they are as funked up as you can get and yes, they are just that little bit different. They are just good old Rock’N’Roll, a band built on the music and brought to life with vocalist Callum Moran’s soulful pipes. Everything about this band is class and I have openly admitted this band are my find of 2017…and with the amount of new bands I have witnessed already this year that is saying something. I have seen bands for the first time in Arenas, festivals both in the UK and abroad and every sized venue from Glasgow to London and it was a short set in the Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow that blew me away.

I instantly bought their EP and it has lived with me ever since, it may have only have four songs but the impact is massive. They opened with track one from the EP in “Blood Rush”, a song with a swagger of a mafia boss walking free from court after killing every witness. Yes, this one has the big cahonas.

Rusted” is the first of the songs not from the EP but another killer in the live setting. “Wrack N Ruin” has Johnny Keel’s bass slamming your eardrums with sheer funk…the man should have a 70s pimp outfit on when playing this intro, live this will have you swaying. In fact it could be a task in the move Saw, one hip movement and you are dead…and the only ones left alive would be deaf.

This slips straight into the incredible “Ruin of Youth”, a song that encapsulated the band and shows you the quality of musicianship on show. The breakdown piece which is basically a Jam was what drew me in.

With all the problems the band faced tonight they came out with heads held high. They even managed to squeeze in a new song in “Shiver” which slotted in perfectly. It is not often we go out on a limb as much here at Jace Media but we will make an exception as we are so sure we are right, so, keep an eye out as we have four autographed copies of their EP which we will be giving away in a competition very shortly. Mark our words, this band will be huge.

Now the moment Manifold has been waiting for, a hometown, headline gig and they grabbed the opportunity with 10 hands and squeezed the life out of you.

Tonight was all about their excellent EP “The Promised Land”, a collection of upbeat, good time tunes with the attitude of early AC/DC and hair metal. They kicked off the set with latest single “Stop Teasin’”, a song that shows you exactly what to expect from the rest of the set.

You can tell the band are hyped like a junkie whacked with an adrenaline shot straight to the heart. Guitarists Ewan Driver and Darren Mahoney must have had a pre gig meeting to decide exactly how much bare chest was to be on show…and decided all of it. Vocalist CJ had his usual jeans,band t-shirt and “where am I” look. Drummer Rucka (I don’t give a fucka) is at the back in his own world where I am sure he dreams he kills people with sledgehammers and that leaves the normally darkened figure of Bass player J.B. The man and a massive part of the driving force behind this band is usually skulking around in the shadows, so much so I can never get a decent shot of him but tonight is different. As they say the bold rise to the occasion and he is as sultry as a stripper, moody as a teenager locked in his room and full of the attitude of Ozzy thinking up his next tour prank. Tonight he is on fire, he is on the monitors and at the end of the show he is seen mounting(no, not that kind) the amp and playing alongside a host of drinks around his feet.

Next up is “Bury Your Bone” and I may be confused but I really do not think this has anything to do with dogs. Now as per usual we are treated to CJs bad jokes in-between songs, we also find out that Manifold have no need for Merch stands, no, these guys have a souvenir stall…and boy was I pissed off when I got there and there was no rock, no kiss me quick hats and not one donkey to be seen…but to be fair their was some strange noises coming from the dressing room earlier.

Yes, I may be having a laugh here but this band is all about fun and enjoyment and the crowd although maybe slightly inebriated by this point are rocking out like this was Motley Crue ripping the original Cathouse apart in the early 80s.

Their rendition of “Whole Lotta Rosie” always gets the house bouncing and you cannot help but sing along. The boys played a blinder tonight, best I have seen them. Keep an eye out as there is so much more to come from this young band.

Images and Review Ritchie Birnie



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