Caligula’s Horse – Live in Adelaide Oct02


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Caligula’s Horse – Live in Adelaide


Caligula’s Horse – Live in Adelaide

We are sitting in the car on the way home from the gig trying to work out how many times we have seen Caligula’s Horse in the last twelve months. Was it seven? Was it more than seven? I even mentioned to their PR that it seems that I go to the gig then get a notification about a new tour from them. Each time we see them it’s another step forward but on tonight’s performance it is a huge jump up. This band has taken it to another level.

Part of that is the solid new album In Contact which got a good going over on the set list. The night starts with Dream the Dead which is an eight minute track that announces that this band have a vision that is probably bigger than we expected. I would say ‘ambitious’ but that’s normally the sleight of hand by a critic to say, ‘nice try’. Far from it, this is an ambitious album and this is an ambitious track, and the band nail both. Not just that, as they kill it live as well. Now we drift into Will’s Song which is one of the most intricate and driven songs on the new album. If you want to show your mates your prog heritage, then whack this on. It’s a stunning track and played live it took on a whole new level of intensity, and that’s saying something based on the passion that was on the album. That’s track one and two from the album kicking off the night.

But it’s the song Rust that takes me back with Caligula’s Horse. The album Bloom is an immense recording and this song sticks out because of the solo and interplay with drum and bass that happens about three minutes in. You can tell a band that tours often because Caligula’s Horse is just nailing it and it looks effortless. But you can tell that they feel every word and their passion just beams out from the stage. Also great to hear Dark Hair Down from way back in 2013! That seems an eternity ago now given the band’s steady output and last two albums. The vocal on the 2013 release was as clear a performance as you will ever hear and they band pull it out again. This song, on the surface a simple ditty, has a raw power because of the pauses within the song, where you are waiting for the next phrase or riff. This is something that drew the masses to Marillion as they were a band that knew how to put the audience in the palm of their hand and it’s a talent that not many have. Caligula’s Horse held this audience tonight and that is not surprising given the quality of the new album and the depth of the back catalogue, a back catalogue that appears to be getting a re-issue.

Sublime outing for Caligula’s Horse and I look forward to the next one! You have to see this band. They would kill it at ProgPower so let’s enjoy them when we have the opportunity. Get out there and get amongst it.

Supporting Caligula’s Horse tonight were I Built The Sky and it’s the first time that I have seen the Melbourne threesome live. No vocals here but guitar driven melody that is less technical than Plini and less drone than Sleepmakeswaves, but these guys can play. It’s all heart and passion but it’s an intense performance. Not often a support act clears the bar at this venue but well done. By the third track the crowd is transfixed at the stage. Really need to get out and see this band play a full set. Highly recommend that you check them out, particularly if you are a fan guitar driven music which focuses on melody rather than complexity. Top work.

It’s a prog gig in Adelaide so I really expected Dyssidia to pop up but it’s Colibrium this time. We reviewed their debut album some time ago and they knock it out on stage. The band probably would benefit from some more stage time because they have a lot to give. Never heard of them, well check them out as their debut is a strong outing.

Great night with a great bill. You can’t go past prog!

Reviewer – Craig Grant.


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