Papa Roach @ 02 Academy, Glasgow Oct11


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Papa Roach @ 02 Academy, Glasgow

Papa Roach @ 02 Academy, Glasgow

Papa Roach came to Glasgow once again, they came to promote Crooked Teeth and they ended up leaving the city with punters battered and bruised as they slipped the key to the hearts of everyone here easily into their pocket.

Before we get to the total chaos Papa Roach created there is a matter of support band Ho99o9. This will be short and sweet…Congratulations guys, you have really went for broke and you have just won an accolade 37 years in the making. You took my worst support band slot with ease. Now this was no mean feat I can assure you. In 37 years of gig going I have seen some terrible acts, some were talentless, some just couldn’t sing and some should have been slapped very hard by someone they loved when they said they were going to start a band, you guys, roasted the whole show with everyone that went before.

My previous worst support band slots have actually had some decent talent in there that went on to produce some cracking music, I saw the band Girl who were terrible but Phil Lewis saw sense and moved onto LA Guns and are a band I adore, I saw Queensryche support at the time their first album came out, they were dreadful but again came onto being a band I love today…but if you manage to pull this off I will be amazed, I will shut up shop, I will review no more and I will take a two page article out saying how wrong I am.

I have never seen a band put a whole audience into a comatose trance in my life, we were in total shock at what we saw so based on that I reckon maybe the band could contact the military for a job in some sort of shock and awe tactical front.

I would review the songs but where the hell were they? I am done here folks, I cannot go any further with this one.

Now I hope Ho99o9 were stage left as Papa Roach came onto that stage to a sea of middle fingers. If so they would have been shown a lesson on how to put on a show. I go way back with this band and will never forget that first listen to “Infest”, holy crap that album shook me up. I also saw the band live back in the day but for me tonight’s gig wiped the floor with every Roach show from that day till now.

Everything is still completely in place, the anger, the dark depths, the energy(in abundance) but now the maturity shines through. The hundreds of gigs played, the lifestyle, the adoring fans and the twisted back stories gives the band an edge that was always there but now seems polished to perfection.

They kick off with the title track of the new album and the sold out crowd loves it but when that is followed up by “Getting Away With Murder” and “ Between Angels and insects” this shit just got real. Jacoby Shaddix is electric, the man is all over that stage and he does not let up for the whole show…This energy is what makes Papa Roach. Where other bands have settled or slipped into a routine he has dragged this band along on his coat tails of angst and brilliance.

As the songs came fast and loud the circe pit emerged, the energy was overflowing in the hall and there was electric in the air. Songs like “Scars” and “She Loves Me not” get everyone bouncing but surprisingly the quieter moments in “Periscope” and “Gravity” grab a hold of you and show you how this band has grown…the only way it could have been better was having both of the female singers there to add the icing to the cake. Hearing the crowd sig those songs back to the band sent the hairs on the back of my neck on end

We then burst onto a three punch combo which featured other artist songs, the first of which was “Song 2” By blur, followed by “Forever” which faded into Linkin Park’s “In The End” and man, you should have heard the Glasgow choir on that one. It was also great to hear the front man speak so personally about Chester and the darkness they had both shared. His message to everyone about reaching out if you go down that black hole was very poignant and I am sure it would have struck a chord with some here tonight.

It was now time for a well placed break. Jacoby’s shirt was drenched, the crowd were screaming for water and there was only time for a short lull before the man takes to the stage with a Scotland football top, a sight that has been done before by some of the greats, Angus young, Alice cooper and Phil Lynott to name but a few and it always gets the crowd going, even more so when the world cup qualifying match the next day is mentioned( well done for the mention…and not to the team).

There are some things you can definitely chalk down as a given for the boys encore but five songs and an appearance from Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within was not one of them. Kudos to the band for bringing him out and supporting local talent but next time maybe bring in some of that for the support slot(as I have seen better bands in pubs in this city).

That leaves us with “Dead Cell”, “Last Resort” and “To Be Loved” and the place went batshit crazy. The security worked their asses off tonight with the amount of crowd surfers, dehydrated punters and a rather crazy looking full sized female bunny( I bet the band thought they were having flashbacks).

Another tip of the hat to the one and only “Pit Troll”. The man is a legend in the city and as well as being a monster in size he has a heart even bigger. He stood in the middle of that pit conducting it like a human, frenzied orchestra and making sure everyone was OK.

What a show from start to finish. Papa Roach are class personified and an incredible live band. This band deserved every piece of fame they have had and as long as they keep putting out first rate new music and playing shows like tonight I will be there jumping, clapping, doing my own shitty rapping attempts and going home hoarse and covered in sweat.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie


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