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Samarkind- Samarkind


Samarkind- Samarkind

What the hell are they putting in the water in Ireland? The emerald isle already has a host of brilliant young talent, The Answer, Baleful Creed, Gasoline Outlaws and The Screaming Eagles to name but a few. Yes, they have also produced gods in the likes of thin Lizzy and Gary Moore so be prepared to add another name to the list, Samarkind are about to send shockwaves through the rock world with this debut release.

From the moment opener “ Black Rain” hums its way to your ears till the bluesy “Blue Mountain” fades out you are going to be in blues/rock heaven. I can happily say this is the best debut of 2017 for me.

Black Rain” comes at you with slide guitar sounding like a banjo and singer David Paul Byrne’s voice drills into your brain. The song bursts to life like the duelling banjo scene from the film deliverance on speed. It nearly breaks into Black Betty for christ sake but the sound of guitar from Michal Kulbaka is just insane. I was breathless at the end of this song.

Next is “Sun Stroke Heart” which was the first single. A lazy riff reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz or Living Colour. A song dipped in emotions that you can hear in the vocals. “Skinny Rivers” takes the pace right up. A ZZ top feel that is Eliminator era. A real radio friendly number that also has The Eagles, life in the fast lane written through right it.

Good Man Call” lifts the bar so far you cannot reach it. A song with the stench of war, pain and suffering. Why is it these subjects make such powerful songs? That I cannot answer other than the emotions of the writers are laid bare and you can feel it. The singers scream at two minutes and 30 seconds tells you all you need to know. This is a beautiful song that I played on repeat for ages. The talking narrative throughout just digs the knife deeper into your heart.

The tempo had to be picked up after that song and “Through That Door” picks you up with ease…a rocker from start to finish. “Fire And Blood” brings the blues to the table again. A lazy riff on distorted guitar. The song itself is simple, kind of a White stripes chill out number till it kicks in and it just reinvents the blues. The guitar is beautiful on this, the switching back and forth, the can’t be arsed attitude that the lyrics talk about is there in the song but when it changes gear it will rock you the hell out.

We hit the swamp for “Touch Stone Man”, the southern guitars and bongos is more Kentucky than Dublin but they somehow manage to squeeze in that Irish folk sound that anyone who has staggered along the Temple Bar area in Dublin knows so well. This is a real experimental number but it works a treat. I also love the story that the acoustic guitar used on this was found in the studio and was supposedly used by the mighty Phil Lynott.

I am now screaming nooooooo at my PC as I realise “Blue mountain” is the last track. Where the hell did the time go? I have just been lost in Samarkind so much I do not want out…so I hit repeat again.

I cannot put enough accolades forward for this album. I love listening to new music, I love finding a new band and when they are as good as this release I will shout their name from the rooftops. Get onto facebook, give the band a like, check out the video for “Sun Stroke Heart” and wait for this album to drop on 24th November then beg, borrow, steal, kill or probably the easiest option just buy this album. It will blow you away.

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