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Bigfoot @ The Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

Hot on the heels of their recently released debut album Bigfoot came to Glasgow to reaffirm their dominance in the city.

As well as the party band with big hits we are treated to two young and seriously talented local bands with the first of the night Black King Cobra. If you are a regular reader of this site you know how much I rate this band. We are nearly at the end of the year so I have no doubt they will stay my find of 2017.

I spoke to a few people who had not seen the band prior to tonight and every one has the same reaction. A band filled with talent, possibly the tallest drummer in the world, a guitarist who enjoys himself so much he forgets to dress like the rock star he is meant to be, a bass player with so many licks he puts a cat to shame( how did I actually not manage to say pussy, oops, I did) and a vocalist who is so humble even though he posses some of the best pipes I have ever heard.

That is the individuals but when you put them in the mix together magic happens. Four completely different personalities with one driven goal to funk you up. When you see them live you will smile the whole way through the show. I honesty believe this band would not care if anyone was in front of them as they have so much fun.

One thing I can also pretty much assure you of…something will fuck up. Every show there is some issue but it makes no difference and now becomes a laughing point as Ross Clark’s Wah wah pedal gives up so vocalist Callum Moran decides to give us the effect himself. This is part of the reason I love these boys, the sheer fun they have just playing.

Not only did they have a great show we finally get a t-shirt for the first time but even that went wrong but I am now a happy owner of a bright green shirt(maybe I should keep this for sale on Ebay down the line).

You have all this and some brilliant songs. Their debut EP is never far away from my ears so songs like “Wrack N Ruin” and “Blood Rush” are now personal favourites for this year and I am always singing along loudly(and badly) but tonight we get to hear some new tracks that they are in the process of recording and man are they good. This band do not follow the script, no picking their favourite bands and just copying the sound. Dot get me wrong you can pick out many of their influences in the songs but when you see them live you just get a feeling they are jamming…something I have not felt since seeing the Georgia Satellites the very first time.This band has it all and everyone needs a piece of them.

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow…you never fail to surprise me. This city is packed with talented bands, there is no shortage of class acts from the ones just starting out to the bigger acts starting to break and when I get all comfy knowing them another one is thrown in my face. Uproar are playing their third gig tonight. Let that sink in. I remember going to see a mate’s brothers band rehearse a very long time ago. They only played covers and man did they suck. No matter how much they played together they were terrible. This is what a band playing their third gig should be like but holy crap did this band wake up this audience and turn some heads.

This five piece band got me to part with my cash and buy their debut EP “Fable” ( or as singer Johnny Hollis kept calling it…fucking fable). All three songs from this were played tonight and I can assure you this is a belter and the band name reflects exactly what the band do.

Now locals will know the name Johhny Hollis as he is half of the vocal front on another band Titan Breed. I grabbed Johhny after the show and I was delighted to hear that Titan Breed is still going strong(phew).

Titan Breed are a different kind of beast but none the less impressive as they won this years Glasgow heats and ended up playing Bloodstock and with Uproar I can safely state for the record they will play Bloodstock, they will play Download, in fact they will play wherever they want as they are that good.

I cannot wait to see this exciting band again and not for the nifty toe tapping light box on show either( no matter how cheesy ha ha). Look out for the name Uproar as it will be banded about very, very soon.

There is a very obvious change in the music industry right now. Earlier this year I done an article about how the smaller bands needed to step up to the plate in 2018 as there will be a severe lack of arena gigs after this year. I still believe that is true but a big part in these bands breaking through has to be more than touring and I think that is finally happening. Bigfoot are a brilliant live band, there is no way you could dispute that and finally they got picked up by a label and this tour is on the back of their debut release from Frontiers. This seemed to open the floodgates and some of my absolute favourite live bands in Massive Wagons, Mason Hill and Stone Broken have all recently been picked up by a label or moved onto a larger label. I hope to god that this continues as the UK is bursting with talent that has to be nurtured and brought through before they fade away.

So was Frontiers right in signing up Bigfoot? Hell yes and with bells on. Live they are a monster and the new tracks sounded incredible tonight. We kicked off the show with “Sell Me A Pie” and as always the bar is set…and the bar is set at pure fun.

You have singer Antony Ellis roaming the tiny stage like an even more insane version of Jack Black. He is 100% entertainment with a voice that could stop a tank. Another element to their shows and songs is humour. They are even funny on their set list as we have the comment Steve Stevens has shit hair…which I cannot agree with in any way…the man is a god.

The crowd just love tracks like “Turds”, “Prisoner of Love” and “Bitch Killer”. We love the old stuff but in “Karma” and “Uninvited” we have found new favourites. The album fits perfectly with the EPs that have gone before and as fans that is all we can ask for. I doubt the band will ever be able to replace “Blame it on the Dog” in a set list. That baby is there for life as it is just too much fun live and everyone loves it but we can now say yes frontiers, you made the right decision, we can all feel at ease that this band will be kicking our asses for a long, long time…the green and black attack marches on.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie


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