Fozzy/ Harcore Superstar @ The Garage, Glasgow Nov13


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Fozzy/ Harcore Superstar @ The Garage, Glasgow



Fozzy/ Harcore Superstar @ The Garage, Glasgow

Well, November is here, the month with more clashes than a day at Download and a month where peoples gig money is seriously stretched thin. For that reason alone it is great to see a sell out tonight for this show.

There are four bands on the bill tonight which is great but when a venue has a curfew and the doors open at 5.30PM it is not so good. The lower bands will not really get the audience to prove themselves so it can be a hindrance more than anything. Due to the early start I did not get to see the first two bands which is something I hate doing.

So first up for me was the only Swedish export that matters, forget Abba(although they will appear tonight), keep your Absolut vodka, as cool as he is dismiss the chef from The Muppets and take your Ikea meatballs and shove them where the sun don’t shine…Hardcore Superstar are in the house.

This band brings the party with a capitol P. you know what I mean if you have seen them live. As the intro tape of “This Worm’s For Ennio” kicks in the full house gets ready to be rocked and rocked they are. We go straight into “Beg for It” and this crowd surely would have. The whole band are a whirlwind from start to finish. They also have a setlist full of brilliant songs.

As we fly through the set the crowd who were here for Fozzy and maybe had not seen the boys before were totally won over. This is a brilliant co headliner tour as both bands compliment each other perfectly. Cracking tunes and an overriding sense of fun throughout.

Singer Jocke Berg is a god on that stage, the man could get Odin to dance and throw the devil horns. He is a born entertainer and to think this band is 20 years old now shows you just how much their brand of sleaze appeals to the masses. They have taken sleaze and twisted it to the point you almost don’t recognise it. Songs like “Dreamin’ in a Casket” shows how they have spliced Thrash into the equation…something that should never have worked and who knows…maybe this band is the only one who could have pulled it off.

As “Touch The Sky” starts the crowd are chanting oi,oi,oi as loud as they can and the band are smiling from ear to ear, but this is not good enough for this band, oh no, they want a riot so they ask is this Glasgow? doesn’t sound like Glasgow, more like an English venue, yes, Jocke knows how to rile up a Scottish audience and wring out every last scream.

For “Above the law” we have drummer Adde Andreasson’s son banging on the cymbols and promptly taken front of stage and force fed a beer even though he is underage.

From here on in it is the highlight of the party, we finish off with “Last Call for Alcohol” with a bottle of bubbly, “Moonshine” and the perfect set closer in “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”. I never miss this band when they are in town and not once have I been disappointed. You throw away your daily life, worries and stresses at a Hardcore gig and for that I thank you gentlemen…du äger.

OK, I will proceed with this and not one Wrestling mention as it really has no place here. Fozzy get straight to business with title track ”Judas” from the latest release. A brilliant opener from yet again, another brilliant release from the band.

Just like Hardcore Superstar there is always a feeling of sheer enjoyment with a Fozzy show. There is always a happy(and mostly drunk) crowd who just lap up Chris Jericho’s exuberance(and maybe a little campness). The man was born to entertain and he just demands your attention. That may partly be down to the biggest biceps I have ever seen in real life but you will pay attention. Keeping with the biblical theme we move onto ”Drinking with Jesus” another storming song.

Tonight the set is pretty short and man is it loud so time to suck it up and go full on metalhead. I have seen Fozzy a few times now and they know what they are doing on that stage. This is not about one man that is for sure. I was also taking photos and it was a blur watching all those band members rip up the stage. Every one of them completely on point and for me, difficult to keep up with.

As with every Fozzy show there is always another part to be played and that is the crowd. It was like a stand up show tonight with the chants of here we, here we, here we fucking go. The chants of Bucky, Bucky, Bucky when Chris finally gets informed of the full name of the rather dodgy drink that can be found in abundance in Glasgow and finally the surreal moment when Chris states he is the Loch Ness monster, followed by Nessie chants. Yip, you get your bang for your buck with this show. We are also impressed as Chris always gets the pronounciation of Glasgow right which is very rare for American/Canadians…but the man has been coming to this city for a very long time.

The short set is packed with classics and as we ended on Abba’s ”SOS”, originals in ”Bad Tattoo”, ”Enemy” and encore(withut leaving the stage) ”Sandpaper”. A great set as always from a band that need to be taken seriously. This is no gimmick, no sideshow, just pure unadulterated fun.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie


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